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DeKalb County Extension Homemakers

September 26, 2018
DeKalb County Extension Homemakers

The DEKALB COUNTY EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS is an organized group of women consisting of twelve local clubs that include over 180 active members.  Each club meets on a regular basis, providing group activities and volunteer opportunities for its members.  Three of the clubs share a common interest such as sewing, cooking and singing.

As an Extension Homemaker you have opportunities to:

LEARN . . .

GROW . . .

CARE . . .

Contact the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562 for information about joining a club!

Indiana Extension Homemakers Association


ATTENTION: Club Presidents & Officers

If you need specific forms that are due throughout the year, contact the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562. We have duplicate copies available in the office or we can email a digital file to your email address.

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