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What's Bugging You? Contact the Master Gardener AnswerLine

August 6, 2020
Japanese Beetle

Do you have a plant or pest problem in the garden or landscape? Do you need a garden plant or weed identified? Do you have a question on gardening? Contact the Purdue Extension Master Gardener AnswerLine in Marion County for answers to lawn & garden questions in central Indiana. Call 317-275-9292 or e-mail marioncountymg@gmail.com. Digital images of garden plants/weeds/plant problems can be sent free of charge for identification/diagnosis.

If the problem cannot be solved by our Marion County Master Gardeners via phone or e-mail, you can send a physical sample of the plant or pest problem to the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab ($11 processing charge). To submit a physical sample to the Purdue PPDL, click HERE

PPDL Physical Sample Submission Form

Do you need a contact in another county in Indiana? Click on the link below.

Purdue County Extension Offices in Indiana


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