Ready for the INterview

1:00 pm

On Fridays after lunch, students in the Intro to Agriculture class at South Knox High School gained lessons well beyond their textbook. As part of the INWork — INnovate, INvest, INspire — Skills for Tomorrow’s Workforce program from Purdue Extension, they learned practical behaviors and skills necessary for success in the job application process.

These skills will help them fill the one million new or replacement job openings the Indiana Department of Workforce Development anticipates by 2025. South Knox administrators partnered with Purdue Extension – Knox County to bring the program to their school.

Visiting instructors gave students pointers on career goal-setting, résumé writing, teamwork, time management, use of social media and leadership skills. They also walked students through the job interview process. Students learned how to dress (including a tutorial on tying a necktie), ask productive questions and communicate effectively during an interview.

“The skills that we learned helped tremendously,” said Mykayla Couchenour, a junior at South Knox. “Some kids would never have that training, including what to wear.”

Topics included etiquette, how to put mobile phones away and pay attention, and interacting with new acquaintances. Couchenour says that while some of the messages seem simple, “These are the things that stick with you.” She came away with multiple skills that she can apply.


of youth in the INWork program recognized the importance of being on time for work and trusted by their employer, doing their job well, and respecting colleagues.