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The 4-H goat educational program and related activities (such as workshops, tours) provide youth a fun and hands-on learning experience which develops both goat subject skills (such as nutrition, housing, and health care) and life skills (such as responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communications). It is divided into Dairy Goat and Meat Goat.
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The Master Gardener Program is one way that the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service puts knowledge to work and helps people grow throughout Indiana. The Master Gardener Program helps gardeners grow by providing them with intensive training in horticultural principles.
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The soil and water conservation project teaches youth about soil, water, and environmental stewardship. Learn about soil and water quality, how they interact, and how we can protect and preserve them.
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Allen County Extension Homemakers began in 1916. The membership strives to strengthen families through continued education, leadership development, and volunteer community support.
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