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2015 County Fair - July 28-August 2 2015 Livestock Auction - August 3
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Across the nation, local foods have emerged as a growing business sector. New jobs are being created in our "food system" which includes the process of growing, processing, distributing, consuming, and composting/recycling. This summit intends to place local food and agricultural economic development on the local agenda. The net result will be greater possibilities of working together, creating jobs, doing business, and expanding the economy right here in Northeast Indiana.
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Information on the Allen County 4-H Livestock Auction August 3, 2015
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In 2012, 34 percent of all U.S. produce farms - those producing vegetables, fruit or nuts - sold food through local food marketing channels, whereas only 3 percent of field/other crop farms and 8 percent of livestock/livestock product farms did so. This suggests that opportunities to market locally are important to farmers.
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Declining natural resources and increasing populations have increased public interest regarding adopting sustainable practices in the landscape and garden. However, many homeowner practices in the landscape and garden are not sustainable.
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Educational materials are designed to teach clothing selection, wardrobe planning, care of clothing, and personal grooming. Included are activities to be completed at home and in stores.
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