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September 23, 2020

The 4-H Electric Project provides youth with educational information about electricity and how it can be used to benefit the human race. The Electric Project develops both project skills (i.e., safe practices, proper use of fuses and circuit breakers, proper lighting techniques, proper wiring techniques) and life skills (i.e., decision-making, using science and technology, developing communication skills).

For Judging and Check-in information, consult the current 4-H Catalog.

For Resources such as Manuals, Record Sheets, and Score Cards see the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Project Page.

For information about the Electric Workshop click here.

Advanced Electric has a specific Record Sheet for Adams County that is attached as a file after the Project & Exhibit Requirements below.

General Project Requirements:

  1. Project manuals and Exhibit Requirements are based on divisions. Members may select their division;
    however 4-H’ers are not permitted to go back in division.
  2. Members in Division 1-4 must complete three activities in the project manual each year along with a record sheet. Advanced division record sheet only. Completed manual and record sheet must be turned in by the established and posted date.
  3. Premiums and Grand Champions will be determined by the method stated in the Adams County 4-H Governing Rules under the General Project Rules section.

Exhibit Requirements

Division I

  1. Make a circuit board (Partial kit available to purchase at Extension Office)
    1. Wires should be bent at 90 degree angles.
    2. Solder should not drip on board or electrical parts.
    3. Base board is required to mount electrical kit onto for exhibit. Base board size requirement is no larger than 6"x 6". Pine board is recommend for exhibit and 4-H’er can finish board as desired.
    4. Board must be labeled as either series or parallel circuit with (-) and (+) ends of batteries labeled.

Division II

  1. Exhibit one of the following:
    1. Make a magnetic powered flashlight
    2. Exhibit a poster 22” x 28” on a topic in the project manual.

Division III

  1. Exhibit one of the following:

Attach a note to the non poster exhibit indicating how it is to be used.

  1. Build an extension cord using all new parts.
  2. Build an incandescent trouble light using all new parts.
  3. Build a fluorescent trouble light using all new parts.
  4. Repair an extension cord or trouble light by replacing the cord, plug, connect body or socket handle with a new part(s).
  5. Create a poster about one or more of the following:
    1. Wire size
    2. Wire type
    3. Current carrying capacity
    4. The parts of an extension cord or trouble light
    5. An important safety-related topic
    6. Any topic covered in the Division III manual

Division IV

  1. Exhibit one of the following:

Attach a note to the non poster exhibit indicating how it is to be used.

  1. Made or remade lamp (no molded plugs)
  2. Display board on any topic covered in manual
  3. Poster on any topic covered in this manual

Advanced Division

  1. The Advanced Division is split into two different categories, you may choose one category to exhibit.
    1. Advanced Electric 5-10
    2. Advanced Electronics 5-10
  2. Exhibit one of the following:

Attach a note to the non poster exhibit indicating how it is to be used.

  1. An article based on wiring around the home, farm, or facility, etc.
  2. An article made in the area of heating and cooling
  3. An article made in the area of lighting
  4. An article made in the area of electronics (advanced division electronic projects may contain and use molded plugs if they are part of the electronic kit)
  5. An article made in the area of power
  6. A written report on: consumer buying, better electrical methods, or electrical careers.
  7. A written notebook report with photos of individual steps (close-up) and overall work, illustrations, explanation of each step performed, explanation of overall work done, reasons for performing work, reasons for selecting materials used, list of materials used and prices (budget), schematics, etc. of electric project. This option allows you to use your imagination and complete any electrical project that you cannot physically bring to the fair to exhibit. You could wire a room in a house, the barn, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, control systems, alarm systems, etc.
  8. Display board showing home wiring (3-way switch, 4-way switch, GFCI Grounding, Circuit Protection, etc.) or any topic covered in the Advanced Division manual.  
  9. Create a video showing the work accomplished and skills learned. This video should include the same type of information as required in written notebook listed above. This video is to be no more than ten minutes in length and formatted as MP3 or MP4 and submitted on a thumb drive. This video can also be uploaded to a YouTube account with the video being made public and the link submitted for evaluation.
  10. For other exhibit ideas, refer to the Advanced Electric Project Ideas resource available on the Indiana 4-H Electric project page. 

Attach to the exhibit any kit instructions or book/manuals if you feel they will help explain the operation of the exhibit. This may be important for advanced electronic projects.



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