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Ready, set, GO! Spring is upon us and those who are the designated lawn or landscape person in their household are ready to do something outside. Some things should be done now, but things like weed control and fertilization for most homeowners can wait a while, and in most cases rolling can be eliminated.
One of the most recognizable plants that pop up in lawns throughout northern Indiana is the dandelion. To most homeowners, they would say it's a weed. To naturalists in the reading audience, they would say that there are many things you can make with dandelions. For homeowners who consider dandelion a weed, here are a few facts and tips on controlling dandelions.
This Good Agricultural Practices workshop will share strategies to reduce microbial contamination of produce from seed to the moment you sell it. Use these on-farm preventive controls as a basis for on-farm risk assessment and writing a food safety plan or even becoming GAPs certified.