Coyotes are native to Indiana. Before Europeans settled here, coyotes were primarily restricted to prairie regions of the state, as much of the state was forested and populations may have been kept in check by red and gray wolves, once abundant in Indiana. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website on coyotes, "Today, coyotes are found throughout Indiana, including urban areas." Should we be concerned about coyotes?
Small Farm Conference 18
The 2018 Indiana Small Farm Conference in Danville, Indiana begins with a series of daylong workshops on March 1. Topics include on-farm fresh produce food safety, regenerative farming with livestock and agroforestry, farm viability and financial management, and a four season farm tour. Breakout sessions on March 2-3 will cover topics ranging from vegetable and livestock production to farm management and marketing.
Farm families can learn how to ensure a successful ownership transition from one generation to the next in a workshop sponsored by the Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team.
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January 16-18 Fort Wayne Farm Show at the War Memorial Coliseum

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