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After a mild start to the season, it seems that winter and the cold temperatures that accompany it have finally taken hold in the area. Midwestern winters are one of the most common complaints of its inhabitants, and I myself could certainly do without negative degree wind chills. However, before we dismiss the season entirely, winter actually does serve an important role in the Midwest and is one of the reasons this area is so suited for certain types of agriculture.
As an Extension Educator writing weekly articles, I can't imagine a much bigger compliment than having someone cut my article out of the paper and clip it on to their fridge for future reference. I hope to accomplish a few of those this winter, starting today with a summary of year round lawn maintenance. We all have different goals with our lawns, ranging from having the most pristine yard in the neighborhood, to doing just enough to not upset the neighbors. For the purposes of this article, I
Since starting here as an extension educator here in November, a handful of questions have trickled in to the office from farmers interested in becoming certified organic. As producers search for an edge in today's competitive crop and livestock market, thousands have looked to organic production due to the expanded market it serves and the typically higher prices they can receive on their products. Some are simply looking to become better stewards of the environment.

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