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As nighttime temperatures drop and we near our first fall frost, you will begin to notice more insects and spiders making their bold move into homes, seeking a nice warm spot to spend the winter. Some of the more common home invaders include: Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, brown stink bugs, and a number of menacing (but usually harmless) spiders. Now is a good time to check around the home for potential entry points, as just like in sports, when it comes to keeping bugs out of the house, a g
Harvest season will be in full swing before we know it, and as farmer's process how 2017 went they will also already be thinking about management plans for next season's crop. Depending on what they scouted this summer and found in the fields during harvest, weed management strategies will be one of the main things they will be considering. For no-till farmers, fall herbicide applications should be on their mind, especially those who are having problems with marestails. Research has shown th
The invasive insect Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is old news for much of Indiana, including White County, and it has already done extensive damage to the state's ash tree population. While much of the harm has been done, if you have ash tree's that haven't been affected yet, there are now good options for saving the tree(s), and now is a good time to do so.

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