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Last week, I wrote about hosting a potential Master Gardener program here in White County to gauge the interest level of such a program in the community. It is important to note that a Master Gardener class can benefit all experience levels of gardeners.
Every so often people approach me wondering when the White County Extension Service will be offering up another Purdue Master Gardener Program. With the last one taking place in 2016, my hope is that there is enough demand built up to once again offer the program in 2018. In order to gauge interest in the community, the purpose of this article is to explain what the Master Gardener Program is, then give people an opportunity to contact me if they are indeed interested, to help me determine how m
After a mild start to the season, the turn of the year has seen winter weather come on full force with brutal temperatures and winds. Midwestern winters are one of the most common complaints of its inhabitants, and I myself could certainly do without negative degree wind chills. However, before we dismiss the season entirely, winter actually does serve an important role in the Midwest and is one of the reasons this area is so suited for certain types of agriculture.
The window to plant trees this year may have passed, but the time to get a great deal on trees for next spring is now. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is currently accepting orders for their annual tree seedling sale. Tree seedlings are generally between just a few inches to about 2 feet tall, and come in bundles of 100 trees. They are available in a wide range of species of both conifer and deciduous varieties. The DNR also offers specialty packets for people looking to plant a vari

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