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Plan your work and then work your plan. You've heard that before and it works for spring-cleaning, too. Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President, Meetings & Education at the American Cleaning Institute says you can tackle your spring-cleaning in even the smallest chunks of time. Each of the tasks on our list takes just a few minutes, so you can decide how many you can squeeze into your already busy day.
I definitely feels and sounds like spring this morning. Who knows, maybe Mother Nature will let us have an early spring? Personally, I'm just waiting to see what March has in store - I'm guessing there is more cold to come. Whenever spring arrives, here are some spring cleaning suggestions from American Cleaning Institute.
Clutter!! Most of us have it and many of us wish we had a lot less of it!! Myself included. How do you tackle those areas that may be out of control or keep them from getting out of control? Organizational specialists will tell you that you will have more time to do the things you like to do because you'll be spending less time looking for things amongst the clutter. You'll be less stressed because living in clutter creates stress. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to reduce the clutte

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