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Know the Safety Guidelines Commercially formulated cleaning products are tested, packaged and labeled in accordance with standards set by such government agencies as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. Besides directs on how to use and store the product, the label typically provides the consumer with instructions on how to treat accidental exposures. Precautions about mixing certain products together are also given when appropriate. Some labels carr
"Grandma's recipes" for home cleaning have been a part of household lore for years. Lately, these recipes have been promoted as a "safer" alternative to commercially formulated cleaning products. While we may feel comfortable using these ingredients in cleaning applications, perhaps because some are edible, there are important facts about these recipes to consider. Ignoring these considerations may mean missing some safety assurances, spending more, getting less performance, and even losing the
Have you ever thought about where your money really goes? Do you ever buy an item just because it's on sale? Even if you really didn't need it? Or do you only purchase what you need when you need it?
There's no doubt about it: not only can clutter accumulate in your home, but it can seem to build up in your brain too. The more "stuff" that accumulates, the more daunting it can be to clean around it. And what's more, the idea of purging your possessions can sometimes feel unsurmountable. But reducing general clutter can be liberating and bring a breath of fresh air wafting through your living space. Start by taking just one hour at a time to take a close look at your piles - and keep these

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