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Is Your Battery Dangerously Low? Recharge your battery before it loses power completely. Habit #7 in Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly effective People is "Sharpen the Saw." Covey tells the story of a woodcutter whose productivity decreased after sawing for several days straight. Each day his saw became duller and duller.
If your body were a computer, would it be receiving lots of "error" messages? Is it beginning to run slower and take longer to "start"? Here's a checklist to help optimize your performance and prevent crashing. Are you Trying to Run Too Many Programs at the Same Time?
With the rising temperatures and humidity now that summer has arrived in Indiana, many of us are closing up our homes and turning on the air conditioning. Just like with winter, when we close up our homes we trap allergens and dust inside. Reducing clutter can help reduce allergens and dust. Here are some suggestions to get rid of clutter.

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