Parenting & Care for Children
How do I get my child to do chores? We hear these statements from parents all the time! One main reason children don't respond is when parents make the chores "no fun" by nagging at their children to get them done! Getting your children to get their chores done can become a battle. When parents nag, nag, nag, children will stop listening. The conflict can roar sometimes on to even a bigger battle. Some parents feel "chores" is a negative word and they should be called "tasks." Either is fine, it
"Dad! My skin matches your skin." four-year-old Mitchell grabs his father's hand as they wait in line at the local supermarket. "But look, dad!" Mitchell shouts, "His skin is like chocolate milk!" The following are two tips parents can use to help children diverse community and world:
At 54 years of age, Sally thought her parenting days were behind her after her children finished high school. But last year, when her 10-year-old granddaughter needed a home, Sally stepped in to help. Sally is a kinship parent, a close relative or family friend, who cares for the child(ren) when the parents are unable to. Several reasons account for situations when kinship parents are needed. For example, parents may be deceased, ill, incarcerated, or involved with drugs. In the United Stat