Japanese Beetle
A warmer than normal May has Japanese beetles hatching early, meaning we could see an extra few weeks of damage to landscapes, trees, gardens and row crops around the state once again this year. These metallic green and bronze pests are known to feed on more than 300 different plant varieties. The beetles will remain a problem for the remainder of the summer until temperatures begin to cool down, likely not until September. Japanese beetle eggs are laid in the soil during July and August, follow
While checking on your evergreen trees and shrubs this time of year, you may notice small pinecone like objects dangling from the branches. These are actually insect pests known as bagworms, which are caterpillars that live inside these bags which they construct to protect themselves against birds and other enemies. These bags, composed of silken threads and bits of foliage, look so much like a part of the tree that they may go unnoticed until extensive damage has occurred.
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The Monticello Farmer's Market is off and running, and I would just like to remind everyone that, aside from the normal markets on Saturday mornings at 1210 N 6th St; beginning on May 29th the market will also be held on Tuesday evenings from 4 to 7 P.M. at Constitution Plaza next to the courthouse in downtown Monticello.
I would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that the Monticello Farmer's Market will be making its debut Saturday, May 19th. The Saturday market will run from May until October 13th from 9am to 1pm at 1210 N 6th Street in Monticello in the parking lot of Rugie's Dugout. There will also be a Tuesday evening market, which will debut on May 29th, and will run from 4pm to 7pm through August 7th.
With the agricultural season getting into full swing, this means that pesticides will be being applied throughout the county. With that in mind, I would like to remind applicators, specialty crop producers, and beekeepers to stay in communication with one another, as the best way to avoid conflict is to talk to each other prior to applications being made. One great tool that helps with this process is the website DriftWatch, which can be accessed at: The DriftWatch web
Purdue University is world renowned for the research and education that takes places in its school of agriculture. However, often times overlooked, Purdue Extension does much more than cater to farmers, and in fact offers a wide range of resources that can benefit homeowners and more diversified farmers as well. A few examples of these excellent resources can be found on the World Wide Web. A great place to start your website bookmarking if you are interested in information for your yard, hom
A list of county residents interested in participating in a Purdue Master Gardener program is building, and with a few more names added we will likely have enough to plan a class for the coming fall. Therefore, I wanted to send out another reminder that if you are interested or have questions about this program, please contact me at: or 219-984-5115.

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