The coming weeks will see leaves around the county transition from green to brilliant fall colors and eventually defoliating, marking the onset of winter. Tree leaves stay green throughout the summer due to the abundant presence of chlorophyll, a product of photosynthesis; however, as the days grow shorter, chlorophyll production wanes and the compounds in the leaf that remain determine what color the leaf becomes. Different varieties of trees will have different compounds present, thus determin
Indiana residents are being urged to check their trees this year for signs of a new, highly invasive and destructive pest, the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB). The beetle, which originated in Asia has no natural enemies in the Midwest and has been reported in Chicago and Cincinnati, putting Indiana in an at risk zone. Early detection of the beetle is key so the pest can be contained and damage to trees is minimal.
Welcomed rain has blanketed the area the past few weeks and while this is great news for crops, the standing water caused by the torrential downpours does bring on everyone's most hated summer pest: mosquitos. There are more than 50 different species of mosquitos and while they are primarily just a nuisance due to their biting and the ensuing itch it causes, some species are considered a threat to public health due to their carrying of viruses. Thus, their presence should never be taken too ligh
As an Extension Educator writing weekly articles, I can't imagine a much bigger compliment than having someone cut my article out of the paper and clip it on to their fridge for future reference. I hope to accomplish a few of those this winter, starting today with a summary of year round lawn maintenance. We all have different goals with our lawns, ranging from having the most pristine yard in the neighborhood, to doing just enough to not upset the neighbors. For the purposes of this article, I

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