A warmer than usual start to fall has delayed color changes of many tree species in the area. Soon however we will see leaves around the county transition from green to brilliant fall colors and eventually defoliating, marking the onset of winter. Tree leaves stay green throughout the summer due to the abundant presence of chlorophyll, a product of photosynthesis; however, as the days grow shorter, chlorophyll production wanes and the compounds in the leaf that remain determine what color the le
As nighttime temperatures drop and we near our first fall frost, you will begin to notice more insects and spiders making their bold move into homes, seeking a nice warm spot to spend the winter. Some of the more common home invaders include: Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, brown stink bugs, and a number of menacing (but usually harmless) spiders. Now is a good time to check around the home for potential entry points, as just like in sports, when it comes to keeping bugs out of the house, a g
Purdue University is world renowned for the research and education that takes places in its school of agriculture. However, often times overlooked, Purdue Extension does much more than cater to farmers, and in fact offers a wide range of resources that can benefit homeowners and more diversified farmers as well. A few examples of these excellent resources can be found on the World Wide Web. A great place to start your website bookmarking if you are interested in information for your yard, hom

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