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The Monticello Farmer's Market is off and running, and I would just like to remind everyone that, aside from the normal markets on Saturday mornings at 1210 N 6th St; beginning on May 29th the market will also be held on Tuesday evenings from 4 to 7 P.M. at Constitution Plaza next to the courthouse in downtown Monticello.
I would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that the Monticello Farmer's Market will be making its debut Saturday, May 19th. The Saturday market will run from May until October 13th from 9am to 1pm at 1210 N 6th Street in Monticello in the parking lot of Rugie's Dugout. There will also be a Tuesday evening market, which will debut on May 29th, and will run from 4pm to 7pm through August 7th.
When doing the laundry, 1. Check clothing care labels to see how the manufacturer recommends caring for the garment. 2. Match the wash cycle and water level to the load. 3. Separate colors from whites (to keep dyes from bleeding onto lighter-colored fabrics) and heavily soiled items from lightly soiled ones. 4. Use the recommended amount of detergent per load. Adjust the amount of detergent if soil, water or machine conditions are not average.
Family life runs more smoothly when there is a shared responsibility for the housework. Whether it's a simple effort like putting dirty clothes in the hamper or a major job like washing the kitchen floor, almost every family member can contribute in some way that fits his/her age and other responsibilities. These guidelines help everyone in the family find a way to pitch in and make doing the housework easier and less of a one-person chore.
Time to put the winter coats, sleds and ice skates away for the next winter (I hope!). The weather is starting to finally warm up, which means we get to spend more time outside with our children and grandchildren. Zoos, parks and playgrounds - here we come! When I was a child, there were things on the playground that have since been removed for safety reasons. Did a fond memory just pop into your head? Anyone remember a 12-15 foot (or taller) metal slide with a bump in the center
After a cool, wet start to April it seems that temperatures are finally getting warm enough to dry out the soil. Assuming we can avoid, or at least "weather the storm," of some forecasted precipitation, it seems that air and soil temperatures will be conducive to planting in the coming weeks.
In light of recent flooding that has occurred in White County as well as much of Indiana, I hope this article will provide some helpful resources from Purdue Extension on flooding and steps towards flood recovery.

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