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2021 White County Ag Winter Schools

January 25, 2021
Winter School

Usually this time of year, I use this space to promote the annual White County Ag Winter Schools, a tradition that brings area experts and Purdue specialists to meet with White County farmers to present their latest research and recommendations in the field of agriculture. I am pleased to announce that these programs will still be held this year, however as you may have guessed they will look a little different this time around.

Due to White County’s continued status as a ‘red’ county, the 2021 White County Ag Winter Schools will be held virtually this year. While these programs have traditionally been held in the evenings, in an effort to accommodate more people during these strange times, the programs will be offered as a day time “lunch and learn” series this year, taking place every Monday and Friday from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. Topics, which will be presented by Purdue Agriculture specialists both live and via video, will cover a wide range of areas including: corn and soybean production, pest management, ag technology, soil health, and hemp production.

To view a complete list of programs and to register please visit here: http://bit.ly/2021AGWinterSchool and click on the programs you are interested in and provide your contact information. As the program you registered for nears, you will receive a link to join the program via Zoom. I understand that this time will not work for everyone, so if you are interested in a topic but cannot attend, please still register and you will receive a recording of the program once it is available to view at your convenience.

The Winter Schools are traditionally a mixture of field crops and farm management topics, however this years programs will primarily focus on field crops. This is because our economists on campus are already generating a great deal of virtual content, including monthly Ag Outlook programs, which can be found here: https://ag.purdue.edu/commercialag/home/

Lastly, do the reasons mentioned above, we do not currently have any in-person programs scheduled for private applicator recertification points (PARP). Once it is safe to do so, we will get those scheduled and ensure everyone has ample opportunities to receive the credits they need. In the meantime, like other programs, there are lots of opportunities to receive PARP credit via virtual programs. A list of these opportunities can be found here: https://ppp.purdue.edu/private-applicators/recertification-parp/parp-events/ Additionally, private applicators, who are required to attend 3 classes in 5 years to maintain their license, are allowed to take one online class offered by Purdue Pesticide Programs, which beginning in February can be accessed here: https://ppp.purdue.edu/private-applicators/recertification-parp/

I apologize for the inconveniences and challenges hosting programs has presented this year, but I hope the resources above will fit your educational needs for the time being. As always, please reach out to me with any concerns or questions at: 219-984-5115 or awestfal@purdue.edu

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