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10-Minute Extreme Junk Drawer Makeover

November 8, 2019
Junk Drawer

            Most years when it starts getting cooler, I start cleaning and organizing in my home. I am horrible about putting things “away” and thinking I’ll get back to that later. Research has shown that de-cluttering helps reduce stress and helps us live in a healthier environment.

            You can start with one small step – the junk drawer! We all have one – that drawer that inevitably gets filled with useless stuff that we rarely give a second thought to. (It’s called a “junk drawer” for a reason!)

            Do you have 10 minutes? Let’s clean it out.


VIOLA! Clean drawer. Enjoy it, and repeat this makeover in 6 months. Once you have cleaned one item, many times it encourages you to continue to clean and organize.

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