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Kids Eat Right Month

July 31, 2019
Frozen Banana Snacks

Make Fruits and Veggies More Appealing

            Help your kids eat right by keeping fruits and vegetables readily available and easy to access. Spend a few extra minutes when you return from the grocery store to cut up fresh vegetables and store them in clear containers in the refrigerator. Display fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples and oranges in a bowl on the kitchen counter. These simple tasks will encourage EVERYONE in your household to choose fruits and vegetables more often.

      Encourage your children to eat more fruits and vegetables by creating fun ways to eat them.


Involve Kids in the Kitchen

            Kids may be more willing to try new foods if they are involved in making them. Allowing kids to help in the kitchen teaches them important life skills related to healthy food and good nutrition. Involving kids in the kitchen is also a great way to develop fin motor skills in young children and practice math, science and reading skills for school-aged kids!

       Here is a list of age-appropriate tasks for your young kitchen helper:


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