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Flood Resources for Homeowners

February 22, 2018

In light of recent flooding that has occurred in White County as well as much of Indiana, I hope this article will provide some helpful resources from Purdue Extension on flooding and steps towards flood recovery. Much of this information is online, so if you have any trouble with the link or accessing the information or have other questions, please contact our office at 219-984-5115. There is a lot of information here, so I encourage you to visit the websites for thorough explanations.

If you were affected or know of someone affected by the floods, I would recommend visiting the website: https://www.extension.purdue.edu/floodpub/ Here you will find both short term and long term information on flood recovery. Once family and neighbors are safe, it may be time to think about things such as: how to safely re-enter flood damaged buildings, pet care, and tips on salvaging keepsakes and furniture. You will also find information specific to your home such as: what to do with appliances, carpets and flooring, and wallboard and insulation. It is also very important to assess damaged food (when in doubt, throw it out as floodwaters can contain bacteria), and think about how your drinking water might be affected, as wells can flood too. The link above contains information on testing well water and how to disinfect it (if necessary). Lastly, there is important information here on dealing with insurance companies as well as contact information for other government and community agencies that may be available.

To keep tabs on the flooding situations locally and around the state, an updated map is available from the U.S. Geological Survey here: https://waterwatch.usgs.gov/new/index.php?m=flood&r=in&w=map

Also, homeowners, renters, businesses and private non-profit organizations that sustained uninsured/underinsured damage caused by flooding are encouraged to file a report with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, which can be done here: https://waterwatch.usgs.gov/new/index.php?m=flood&r=in&w=map Individuals will be asked to provide some basic information as well as the type of damage the property sustained. Losses can include structural damage to homes and loss of personal property. The information gathered from citizens will assist county and state agencies in determining the scope of damage.

For the latest weather information in your area, continue monitoring the National Weather Service at: www.weather.gov. Lastly, Purdue has compiled a “frequently asked question and answer” publication on flooding, which is available here: https://ag.purdue.edu/extension/eden/Pages/flood-qa.aspx

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