Rev. 1/21/2015


Sheep Rules

  1. To exhibit at the White Co. 4H Fair, 4H Sheep members must follow established "Exhibition Regulations for White County 4H" as listed in this Handbook. Members will complete at least 3 educational activities each year. Completed activitiesare due by 4 p.m.July 1 in the Extension Office. Members enroll in Sheep by grade during current school year.  (Also see Exhibition Regulations Rule #4.)
  2. All 4-H Sheep must be identified on at County Sheep Weigh-in in May. 
  3. a)  ALL market sheep (including registered females with papers) MUST be weighed, retinal scanned, and eartagged with a county assigned number, at Sheep Weigh-in at the 4H Fairgrounds in May. Registered females will be retinal scanned at the Sheep Weigh-in at the 4-H Fairgrounds in May. This excludes rams. Sheep Weigh-in will be held May 9, 2015 from 8-10 a.m. Sheep must be in line by 10 a.m. No exceptions except circumstances deemed unavoidable by the 4-H Sheep Committee Chairmen. Registered breeding stock must be accompanied with registration papers at the fair. NOTE:  ALLexhibition sheep must meet federal identification guidelines designed to eradicate Scrapie disease. Additional information on these guidelines is available from the Extension Office and Indiana State Board of Animal Health. b)No health papers will be required, but a vet inspection will be required at check-in to admit sheep.
  4. Market lamb classes: a) Market lambs may be a wether or a ewe lamb. b) Market lambs show by breeds with a minimum of 3 required to make breed class. Breeds with less than 3 show in an All Other Breeds class. c) Breed class does not apply to pair of market lambs class.
  5. White County Born and  Bred Market Lamb and Ewe class rules: a) All market lambs must be born and bred in White County, and declared at the May weigh-in by checking the appropriate box on the identification form as County-bred. b) The top two animals (White County declared) placing in each market section shall be eligible for participation in the White County born and bred market lamb Champion class. 
  6. Females will be shown by breeds, with a separate class for commercial animals (crossbreds). Must have three total females in the breed to be eligible for a trophy.
  7. Ewe lambs must be declared as Market Class or Breeding Stock Class at the check-in at the  4-H Fair in July. Lambs may not be declared in both classes.
  8. Market lambs and all commercial breeding sheep shall be slick shorn with no more than 1/4” of wool on show day or be consistent with breed standards.
  9. No grooming paint or coloring that alters or misrepresents breed characteristics will be allowed.
  10. At the White County 4-H Fair, the 4-H animal exhibitor may receive clipping and grooming assistance only from their immediate family which is defined as a father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, legal guardian, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, or uncle or from another Indiana 4-H exhibitor or White County Sheep committee member. Guardianships granted on a temporary basis for the purpose of circumventing these terms and conditions will not be recognized as “family”. Any other assistance may be given verbally only.
  11. Only lambs shown in the market classes are eligible for the sale. Pool sale lambs must have been exhibited in the fair (buyer stipulations may apply).
  12. Only 1 lamb may be sold per member. Members may consign and sell only one livestock project in the 4H Sale. Members choosing to sell a lamb as their one sale entry, must declare that lamb at weighin. See 4H Livestock Sale Rules in this Handbook for complete information.
  13. Sheep not intended for sale will be released on the last day of the 4H Fair at a time to be announced (with committee approval).
  14. Showmanship—members show their own sheep in Showmanship classes. Each first place winner in the showmanship classes will be allowed to move up to the next class in the current year. a) First Year Novice Showmanship: members who have completed grade 3 (prior to completing 4th grade). For first year Sheep members only. b) Novice Showman: members who have completed grades 4-5. Exceptions: Previous Novice winners are ineligible. c) Junior Showman: members who have completed grades 6-8. Exceptions: Previous Novice winners are eligible and previous Junior winners are ineligible. d) Senior Showman: members who have completed grades 9-12. Exceptions: previous Junior winners are eligible and previous Senior winners are ineligible. e) Super Showman: includes all previous 4-H eligible Super Showman and current year’s Senior Showman winner.  The winner of each showmanship level is eligible to move up to the next level and each level thereafter, as long as that individual wins the given level. 
  15. Members may choose to exhibit any combination of live animals, a poster, and/or present an project interact detailing some aspect of 4-H Sheep project. The poster and project interact exhibit options may be in place of or in addition to live Sheep exhibit. Posters and Action Demos should meet guidelines described elsewhere in handbook.
  16. Inhumane treatment is subject to disqualification.
  17. Any sheep exhibitor using excessive abuse on their exhibit animals (including slapping lambs on the rump during show) will be penalized. Excessive abuse shall include, but not be limited to, burning, stabbing, gouging, punching, use of electric shocker or other treatment which is conserved cruel and inhumane treatment to show animals.
  18. The direct application of ice, ice water, alcohol, Freon or any other refrigerant to the hide of a lamb is strictly prohibited. This deceptive, fraudulent practice will cause the exhibitor and their animal(s) to be disqualified immediately.
  19. 4-H market animals shall not contain any identifiable or unidentifiable foreign substance including: drugs, steroids, or chemicals, greater than those standards established by the USDA or the FDA as permissible for sale for consumption as human food both on day of show and day of shipment to market from the fair.
  20. Test samples collected from 4-H animals shall be free of any foreign substance, including steroids, drugs or chemicals affecting the central nervous system (for example, stimulants, depressants or painkillers.) Drugs may not be administered to 4-H animal exhibits at the fair except those administered by a veterinarian after approval from the chairman. The procedure must be witnessed by the chairman or his designee.
  21. The use of ice, cold water, alcohol, ice packs, etc. in the preparation of sheep for the 4-H show is by definition a deceptive, fraudulent, misrepresentative and unacceptable practice for the 4-H Youth Show. Icing is determined to be an improper practice and if documented would result in strict disciplinary action and/or disqualification.
  22. The White County Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit for... See General 4-H Livestock Rules in this handbook for further details.
  23. An exhibitor may not take exception to the decisions of an official and/or judge in an unprofessional and/or public manner.  Nor shall any exhibitor, or person representing the exhibitor, interfere with or show disrespect to any judge or show official.
  24. A 4-H animal exhibit may not be maintained at a professional fitter’s facility.
  25. Interpretation of any term or condition, policy, the code of ethics or prohibited activities contained in this book including the assessment of any violation and/or penalty to be imposed against a 4-H member, shall routinely involve the committee chairman or his designee, or the barn director and two committee members for a total of three.
  26. See Official 4H Fair Schedule (released in June) for relevant dates and times.

References:194R (Ohio State University Publications) “Sheep Resource Handbook for Market and Breeding Projects”


Sheep Show Classes

  1. Pair Ewe Lambs
  2. Single Ewe Lamb
  3. Fall Ewe Lamb
  4. Pair of Yearling Ewes
  5. Single Yearling Ewe
  6. Single Ram Lamb
  7. Fall Ram Lamb
  8. Yearling Ram Lamb
  9. Pair Market Lambs (from one family)
  10. Single Market Lamb will be shown by breeds (3 minimum) or all other breeds class
  11. Rate of Daily Gain. To be eligible, market lambs must be weighed in May and during the 4H Fair, under the supervision of the 4H Sheep Committee.
  12. Mini 4-H Lead Class—will exhibit fellow 4-H members’ sheep. 4-H’er and sheep may be dressed as theme (not necessary). Parent/guardian of the Mini member must complete a Mini 4-H Liability Release Form prior to the member’s participation in the class.
  18. Showmanship  First Year Novice, Novice, Junior, and Senior
  19. Super Showmanship