Rev. 2/24/2015

Dairy Rules

  1. To exhibit at the White Co. 4H Fair, all 4H Dairy members must follow the established "Exhibition Regulations for White County 4H" as listed in this Handbook. Members will complete at least 3 educationalactivities each year. These activitiesmust be turned in by 4 p.m. July 1 to the Extension Office. Members enroll in Dairy by grade in current school year. (Also see Exhibition Regulations.)
  2. Each 4-H member may exhibit a total of 8 dairy female and 3 dairy steers, however only one animal per class may be exhibited. All dairy female animals eligible for exhibition must be entered on May 15th and the July 1st Fair Pre-Registration forms.
  3. 4H Grand Champion Dairy animals in previous White County 4H Fairs are eligible to show.
  4. No horns allowed, except on Junior calves.
  5. All animals must be of one recognized dairy breed (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, or Milking Shorthorn). All animals must have a permanent ID of either a tattoo, metal vet tag or registration picture.
  6. All animals will be released from the 4H Fair at a time to be announced.
  7. Each exhibitor shall show in only one showmanship class, with the exception as noted in Showmanship Class 4Champion.
  8. Animals must be owned & in member's possession by May 15 of current year.
  9. Lactating cows will be allowed to arrive at the 4H Fair on show day and may be dismissed after the show. See official 4H Fair Schedule to be released in June
  10. Members may choose to exhibit any combination of live animals, a poster, and/or present an project interact detailing some aspect of the 4-H Dairy project. The poster and project interact exhibit options may be in place of or in addition to the live dairy exhibit. Posters should meet guidelines described in the 4-H Livestock Poster Project section found elsewhere in this handbook. Project interact guidelines are described elsewhere in this handbook.
  11. The White County Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit... See "General 4-H Livestock Rules" in this Handbook for further details.
  12. To be eligible for premiums, all dairy exhibitors and their guardians must work in the dairy bar.

Dairy Beef Steer Rules/Eligibility Dates

  1. For Dairy Beef Steers to be eligible, sire & dam must be of the same recognized dairy breed. (No cross breeds) (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, or Milking Shorthorn).
  2. To be eligible for exhibit, Dairy Beef Fat Steers must be RFIDeartagged, county tagged, and weighed at the 4H Beef Weighin in February.These animals must also be identified on by April 1st. To be eligible for exhibit, Dairy Beef Feeder Steers must be RFID ear tagged and county tagged before the May 15th ID Deadline.  Feeder steers may be brought to the February weigh-in to be tagged.  All feeder steers must be identified on by May 15th.
  3. Dairy Beef members may exhibit 3 steers; however, only 1 fat steer allowed.
  4. All Dairy Beef classes will show in the Wednesday Beef Show.
  5. Each 4H Dairy Beef member may sell only one dairy beef steer in the 4H Fair Auction. Members who wish to consign a dairy beef steer as their one sale entry, must do so by declaring the sale animal at weigh in on Saturday of the 4H Fair. DO NOT declare more than one livestock project for the livestock sale, i.e. do not declare both dairy beef & swine. See 4H Livestock Sale Rules in this Handbook.
  6. No horns will be allowed on any steer exhibited.
  7. The White County Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit... See "General 4-H Livestock Rules" in this Handbook for further details.
  8. To be eligible for premiums, all dairy beef exhibitors & their guardians must work in the dairy bar.
  9. Classes will be divided by weight.
  10. Any steer that was shown as a feeder steer the year previous, must be shown as a fat steer the next year regardless of the weight.
  11. All steers must have a permanent identification. 

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Dairy Show Classes

DIVISION A—Steer Show (shown Wednesday during Beef Show)

  1. Dairy Beef Feeder Steer (700# & under)
  2. Dairy Beef Fat Steer (over 700#)

DIVISION B  Shown by breeds

  1. Junior Calf: Born on 3/1/15or later (but must be weaned from milk)
  2. Fall Senior Calf: 12/1/14  2/28/15
  3. Senior Calf: 9/1/14  11/30/14
  4. Summer Junior Yearling: 6/1/14  8/31/14
  5. Junior Yearling: 3/1/14 5/31/14
  6. Intermediate Senior Yearling: 12/1/13 2/28/14
  7. Senior Yearling: 9/1/13  11/30/13
  8. Unfresh and dry cows (all ages)
  9. Junior Two-year Old Cow: 3/1/13 -  8/31/13
  10. Two-year Old Cow: 9/1/12  2/28/13
  11. Threeyear Old Cow: 9/1/11 8/31/12
  12. Four-year Old Cow: 9/1/10 - 8/31/11
  13. Aged Cow: Born prior to 9/1/10
  14. Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion
  15. Supreme Champion: Each Breed Champion will compete for Supreme Champion
  16. Dam and Daughter
  17. Best Udder Overall
  18. Produce of Dam
  19. Champion Bred & Owned

DIVISION C  Showmanship

  1. Mini 4-H Dairy Lead Class (see Mini 4-H section for details)
  2. Novice: 1st year showing, prior to completing 6th grade.
  3. Junior: Any member not eligible for Novice class and prior to completing 8th grade, who has not previously won Junior Showmanship.
  4. Senior: Any member not eligible for Novice or Junior classes, who has not previously won Senior Showmanship. Any 10-year member who wins senior showman moves up to champion class.
  5. Champion: Any member who has won senior showmanship in prior years or any 10 year 4-H member who chooses are eligible for this class.
  6. Dairy Showmanship contestants mustwear all white clothingthe entire show. Show sticks allowed on steers only.
  7. Members may only show animals that they have entered and exhibited.
  8. A showmanship winner may move up only to provide competition.


 Dairy Beef - See "Beef" for Educational Activities