Rev. 2/5/2015

Beef Show Rules

  1. All Beef must be RFID tagged. All 4H Beef steers, crossbred breeding heifers, and market heifers must have been RFID tagged, weighed and eartagged with a county assigned number, at the 4H Fairgrounds on February 28(Snow date: March 7). Cattle which lose ear tags will be retagged before the 4H Beef Show. Members should contact the Extension Service Office immediately if an eartag is lost. 
  2. All heifers must be permanently identified with an RFID tag.
  3. All 4-H Beef must be entered on by April 1st. Registered heifers may be added, if they did not take part in the February Weigh-in, they must be identified on by May 15th. Registered heifers must be identified by an RFID tag, registration number, a tattoo, and birthdate. 
  4. To exhibit at the White Co. 4H Fair, all 4H Beef members must follow established "Exhibition Regulations for White County 4H" as listed in this Handbook. Members will complete at least 3 educational activities each year. These activities must be turned in by 4 p.m. July 1 to the Extension Office. Members enroll in Beef by grade during current school year. (Also see Exhibition Regulations.)
  5. Countybred steers and Countybred heifers must be bred and born in White County. Steers, market heifers, and commercial heifers must be declared on
  6. To qualify for the cowcalf class, the cow must be the heifer that you, the member, entered in 4-H and identified on by midnight May 15th. Use the registration number of the cow or the previous year's White County tag number of the crossbred cow. Cow/Calf must be entered on July 1st 4-H Fair Pre-registration Form.
  7. Entries in Prospect calf  classes are born on or after January 1 to July 1 of current year. Entries in these classes are to be completed on the 4-H Fair Pre-registration form for Beef animals. If the calf is to be shown as part of a cow-calf pair, it must be entered both ways. Females and maleswill be shown by weight. Prospect calves are ineligible to compete for Gr. Champion Heifer or Market Animal.To be eligible for State Fair exhibit, prospect heifer calves must be born by March 31st of the current year and identified on by midnight May 15th.  There is no State Fair class for prospect beef steers.
  8. Purebred heifers & purebred steers will be shown by breed regardless of number. All purebred animals must meet State Fair rules as far as percentages and registration paper requirements. Tattoos will be checked.All papered steers and heifers not eligible for the purebred show have the option to show in an all other breed (AOB) division or crossbred division. Classes for steers will be shown by weight and heifers by age youngest to oldest.
  9. (a) Unoad and check-in all Beef:  7 a.m.—11 a.m. on Saturday of the 4-H Fair. (b) Weigh-in will be at check-in time on Saturday of the 4-H Fair. © Cow-Calf entries should check-in on Saturday morning as other Beef animals. (d) Calves will be allowed to come late to the fair if showing at a National Junior Show. Late entried must arrive by Monday at 5 p.m. Any conflicts see committee chairman.
  10. The Agricultural Association asks you to bring your own gates for dividers.
  11. No grooming chutes will be allowed in the aisles of the beef barn at any time. No butt fans or misters allowed. Only one overhead onhalter side per 2 head per 4-H exhibitor will be allowed.
  12. Tanbark will be supplied for all members at a cost of $10.00 per head or per cow/calf pair to be paid and sent with the White Co. 4-H Fair Beef Pre-Registration form which lists the animals that you will bring to the fair. Make checks payable to: White Co. Ag. Association, Inc. Mandatory  no straw is allowed in the barn. A stall clean-up refundable deposit of $25 per exhibitor or $50 per family will be assessed at fair weigh-in to help with barn and bedding maintenance. On Thursday afternoon of the fair when exhibitor is ready to leave, the beef committee or chairman will inspect the stall for levelness of tanbark and lack of hay and feed in the bark. When stall is satisfactory, the deposit will be returned. If no check is presented at weigh-in, you will make yourself ineligible to participate in the auction.
  13. No horns except on breeding heifers and prospect calves.
  14. On show day the 4-H Exhibitor may receive clipping and grooming assistance (working on the calf) only from their immediate family which is defined as father, mother, legal guardian, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt or uncle, another Indiana 4-H exhibitor or any current White County 4-H members’ parents or current approved White County 4-H Volunteer. Consequences of the above are elimination from Show and Sale.
  15. Tie outs must be cleaned before 3 p.m. on Thursday.
  16. All 4H Beef animals, except auction animals, will be released on the last day of the 4H Fair. See the official 4H Fair Schedule to be released in June.
  17. Each 4H Beef member may sell only one market animal in the 4H Fair Auction. Members who wish to consign a beef calf as their 1 sale entry, must do so by declaring the beef sale animal at weigh in on Saturday of the 4H Fair. DO NOT declare more than 1 livestock project for the livestock sale; i.e. do not declare both beef & swine. See 4H Livestock Sale Rules in this Handbook.
  18. Calves will be offered for sale using the exhibit weighin weight, without shrink.
  19. Animals sold must be secured in the barn with a rope halter.
  20. SHOWMANSHIP:  Novice First year showing in Beef project, and prior to completing 5th grade. Previous winners are ineligible. Junior members who have completed 5th - 8th grades. Exceptions: previous years' Novice winners are eligible, and previous years' Junior winners are ineligible. Senior members who have completed 9th - 12th grades. Exceptions: previous years' Junior winners are eligible, and previous years' Senior winners are ineligible. Grand Champion All previous Senior showmanship winners, current year included. NOTE:  the Grand Champion Showman is not required to show in the Ultimate Showmanship Contest.  If Gr. Champion chooses not to show, the Res. Champion would be eligible.
  21. Members may choose to exhibit any combination of live animals, a poster, and/or present an project interact detailing some aspect of the 4-H Beef project.  The poster and project interact exhibit options may be in place of or in addition to the live beef exhibit. Posters should meet guidelines described in the 4-H Livestock Poster Project section found elsewhere in this handbook.  Project interact guidelines are described elsewhere in this handbook.
  22. The White County Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit... See "General 4-H Livestock Rules" in this Handbook for further details.
  23. Interpretation of any term or condition, policy, the code of ethics or prohibited activities contained in this book including the assessment of any violation and/or penalty to be imposed against a 4-H member shall routinely involve the committee chairman or his designee, or the barn director and two committee members for a total of three.
  24. Tie out time is after 7:30 p.m. Please have your animals in the barn by 9 a.m.
  25. The beef committee will hold a brief meeting at 7 p.m. on the night before show day to decide if the weather warrants grooming or not for the safety of the animals and the exhibitors.

References:  117R (Ohio State University Publications) “Beef Resource Handbook”


Beef Show Classes

  1. Novice Showmanship
  2. Cow/Calf
  3. Prospect Heifer
  4. Prospect Male
  5. Purebred Breeding Heifers (by breeds):  Classeswill be broken after check-in at fair. Heifers should be born 9/1/13 to 3/31/15.
  6. Crossbred Breeding Heifers (by weight)
  7. Dairy Feeder Steer
  8. Champion Dairy Beef Feeder Steer
  9. Dairy Beef Fat Steer
  10. Champion Dairy Beef Fat Steer
  11. Dairy Beef Rate of Gain
  12. Grand Champion Dairy Beef Steer
  13. Market Beef Heifers
  14. All Steer Classes: Classes will be determined after weighin, including Countybred steers.
  15. Rate of Gain - To be eligible, calves will be weighed in  February and during the 4H Fair, under the supervision of the 4H Beef Committee.
  16. Junior Showmanship
  17. Senior Showmanship
  18. Grand Champion Showmanship
  19. Mini 4-H Halter Class (see Mini 4-H section for details)
  20. Roger Ward Memorial Award
  21. Tom Sheets Herdsman Award
  22. Grand Champion Heifer
  23. Champion County-Bred Heifer
  24. Grand Champion Market Beef
  25. Champion County Bred Market Beef

Note: Dairy Beef Showmen will show with Beef Showmen in respective classes.