4-H Youth Development
Parent Orientation
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Your child has signed up to be a 4-H member this year. Now what do you do? Come to 4-H Family Orientation Night and find out the answer to this question and many more!
Join 4-H Now
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The Indiana 4-H Online Enrollment deadline has ended, but youth may still enroll! Read more to find out how.
4-H Robotics Club
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The 4-H Robotics Club has announced their 2018 schedule of meetings and events. In Robotics 4-H members an opportunity to learn about and work with technology in a fun way. Members will also gain critical thinking skills as wells as learning teamwork and cooperation.
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The schedules are out for 2018 4-H Shooting Sports. Make sure to sign up by January 16th to participate!
4-H News
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Check this list for the most recent 4-H Newsletter as well as archived copies of the 4-H Newsletter.
4-H Shooting Sports Logo
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The 4-H shooting sports project teaches safe operation of firearms and archery equipment. Volunteer instructors must be certified at a workshop. Six disciplines are offered at the state level: archery, hunting, muzzle loading, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The disciplines offered in any county will depend on the availability of certified 4-H shooting sports instructors to teach the classes, ranges, and equipment.
Know the Rules
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The Wells County 4-H Rule Book in it's entirety. Make sure to check here for important information!

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