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Know the Rules
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The Wells County 4-H Rule Book in it's entirety. Make sure to check here for important information!
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It's 4-H Enrollment time! Check out this article to get the latest information on the 4HONLINE ENROLLMENT SYSTEM and to enroll in 4-H for 2016!
4-H News
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Check this list for the most recent 4-H Newsletter as well as archived copies of the 4-H Newsletter.
Join the Club
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There are many opportunities for Wells County youth to be involved in 4-H Clubs. Read more about how to join a 4-H Club and what types of 4-H Clubs are available.
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Check out our Facebook Pages for the latest Wells County Extension and Wells County 4-H news and information!
News Notes
Check out our News Notes for Parents for articles related to parenting young children.
Weather & Climate
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Youth will learn basic information about weather, including what causes variations in weather and why we have different seasons and climates on the earth. In this project you will observe and record weather conditions and learn weather symbols.

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