Boilermaker Train
Come learn more about becoming a Boilermaker!
Know the Rules
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The Wells County 4-H Rule Book in it's entirety. Make sure to check here for important information!
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Check out our Facebook Pages for the latest Wells County Extension and Wells County 4-H news and information!
4-H News
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Check this list for the most recent 4-H Newsletter as well as archived copies of the 4-H Newsletter.
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This project gives members the opportunity to share a collection of items with others by exhibiting their collection at the fair.
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Ready to have a summer barbecue? Then this project is for you!
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The Horse Poster Exhibit gives members an opportunity to show what they have learned about horses. Some examples include: breeds, feed rations, parts of a horse, how to measure a horse, how to determine the age of horse from their teeth, horse industry careers, educational institutions that teach equine, famous horses, horses in important historic events, etc.

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