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4-H Fair Entry for projects

July 6, 2020
4-H Clover

You've entered your 4-H members and identified your animals in 4-H Online, now it's time to enter your exhibits in the program called "Fair Entry."

With Fair Entry, we are able to know exactly what exhibits to expect and plan accordingly. Please DO NOT enter any exhibits or animals that you do not plan to exhibit (whether in person, or virtual) at the fair. 

Fair Entry is REQUIRED for all 4-H members and all projects. All animal and Expo Hall projects are to be entered into Fair Entry by midnight on July 13th, with the exception of foods, which needs to be entered by midnight on July 10th. 

For the 2020 4-H Fair, we will be requiring members to add photos and/or video links of their projects in Fair Entry as well. These will be used for the Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat shows (which will be all virtual), for those who choose to exhibit virtually rather than in the show-and-go format, and in the event that something changes with the Indiana Back on Track Plan, requiring us to transition to an all virtual fair.   

You can access the Fair Entry website for Wells County HERE and you will use your same email and password from your 4-H Online account. 

For more information call the Wells County Extension Office at 824-6412. We are open 8 AM - 4:30 PM, M-F. 


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