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New position in Warrick County to address community health needs

January 27, 2017
Casey Williams, Community Wellness Coordinator

A new position was added to the Warrick County Purdue Extension team starting in January.  Casey Williams will be serving as the Nutrition Education Program, Community Wellness Coordinator.  This position will help Warrick County, create and implement health and wellness initiatives in five focus areas: diet quality, physical activity, food security, food safety and food resource management.

To help guide this work the Centers for Disease Control's CHANGE tool will be conducted in Warrick County.  The change tool is a broad based community assessment that will call on Purdue Extension's Community Wellness Coordinator to partner with community members to assess the current status of policies, systems, and environments that can determine health outcomes for residents living in Warrick County.  The CHANGE tool can also:

-Identify community strengths as well as areas of improvement 

-Identify and understand the status of community health needs

-Define improvement areas to guide the community towards population-based strategies that create a healthier environment.

-Assist with prioritizing community needs and consider appropriate allocation of available resources.

This position and assessment will rely on community members that want to help create a healthier Warrick County.  To learn more about the Community Wellness Coordinator position, CHANGE tool, or to get involved please contact Casey Williams at 812-686-9373 or by email at will1582@purdue.edu


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