4-H Grows Here
4-H Grows Here

Dear 4-H True Leader,

Did you enjoy your last issue of the 4-H Grows Here News?  We hope you found the new format helpful.  Since we know everyone is so busy around the holidays we decided to do a postcard.   Please pull out last month’s newsletter or look it up online www.extension.purdue.edu/warren for more details of some of the events still upcoming and listed in the enclosed calendar. 

Now is the time to get enrolled!  The Jr. Leaders were in the elementary schools last week recruiting.  We are starting to get folks enrolling but would like to see more getting signed up.  You can find instructions on our website or just go to the link on the front of this postcard.

If you have forgotten your password, you can enter your email address and select ”I forgot my password” and the system will email you a new one.  You can always call for assistance or even stop in.  You can even print off a copy of the old style paper form if you would like or call and we will send you a paper enrollment form. 

We had some fun events this past month with our Healthy Hike at Cicott Park sponsored by the Adams Pine Villagers & Warren Voyagers and the Bird Sleuth field trip to Jasper Pulaski to see the Sand Hill Cranes.  Get signed up now to participate in the Santa Hustle – 5K Color Run/Walk on December 10th sponsored by The Washington Whizzes and Seeger Cross Country. 

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday,

Kelly Pearson                             Jean Akers
Extension Educator                     Extension Educator
kppearson@purdue.edu              akersj@purdue.edu  


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