NOTE: Completed Project Record Sheet MUST Accompany the Exhibit.

The Shooting Sports program is designed to teach the safe use of firearms and archery equipment on the shooting range and in the hunting field, to instill the importance of home firearms responsibility, and to develop the skills to properly handle firearms and archery equipment. The shooting disciplines available are archery, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. A Hunter Education course will be made available for all shooting sports members prior to participating in shooting events.

General Requirements:

  1. The Hunter Education course is strongly recommended (but not required) for all members. Hunter Education provides the basis for safety and equipment knowledge. Passing a Hunter Education test is required to purchase a hunting license.
  2. Members are encouraged to participate in the Hunter Education course, even if they have previously completed the course. Repetition will help solidify the basics of safety with the student.
  3. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend Hunter Education classes and shooting events with their child in order to gain an understanding of proper safety requirements. Parental involvement is critical to reinforcing proper safety behaviors.
  4. Members will be allowed to choose one shooting discipline for the year (muzzle loader, archery, rifle, pistol or shotgun). However, at the instructor’s discretion, the member’s 1st choice of discipline may not be available in order to balance discipline group sizes. Shotgun will not typically be available for 1st year members. Also, instructors may provide opportunities for member exposure to all the shooting disciplines.
  5. Members must follow the commands of the instructors at all times. Instructors have the responsibility to remove any member or parent from the shooting event, for safety reasons or for being a distraction to other members.
  6. Members must create a Shooting Sports Binder (3-ring style). The Binder must be divided into Grade years, with the current year in the front of the Binder. The Binder will contain the following: All handouts, 4-H Shooting Sports record sheets, Targets for chosen discipline (1st, last, best), and other information per instructor direction.
  7. Dues: $ 15.00 per year. This fee is minimal and provides for shooting supplies, equipment and bottled water at the shooting events. 


  1. Project requirements will be communicated via instructors or can be found the 4-H Website.
  2. Members are asked to create a project exhibit that shows the public what was learned in shooting sports education during the year.
  3. Project Exhibit options listed below.
  4. Exhibit posters must be displayed horizontally, sized 22 in x 28 in, mounted on a firm backing (foam-core board or other) and covered in plastic or other transparent material. See how to prepare a poster project in general 4-H rules.
  5. Handmade items should fit into a display box (18”x 24” and no more than 3” deep). Handmade items must include information explaining how the project was made and its intended purpose.
  6. Notebooks must include detailed information about how the project was completed with photographs documenting the work. Photographs are encouraged as they help the judges see the progress and the finished product. The notebook must include research, planning, costs and an explanation of how the final project will be used.
  7. Small projects or models should be no larger than 18 x 18 x 18 cubic inches, and include explanation of costs and procedures.
  8. Be sure to attach the Warren County Project label with name, grade and years in project.
  9. Title the exhibit with one of the following: archery, rifle, pistol, shotgun
    or muzzleloader. Subtitles are optional.

Important Notes:

  • Firearms or bows are not allowed to be exhibited
  • Live ammunition is not allowed to be exhibited (no powder or primer)
  • Modern broadhead arrows are not allowed to be exhibited
  • Arrows and arrowheads must be displayed in a case
  • Displays involving firearms or bows may be exhibited as a photographic
    display on a poster or in a notebook following grade level guidelines.
  • Handmade items must include information explaining how the project
    was made and its intended use. Photos are encouraged.

Range Opportunities/Meetings (See NOTE below): ALL DATES TENATIVE

     Shooting Disciplines:  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzle Loading
     Range Location: TENTATIVE Rick Gates Gravel pit  intersection 175 N and Independence Pine Village black top


Hunter education

2 Hunter Education courses will be offered this year. 
To complete the course you must attend day #1 and #2, for credit. 
Location:  Pine Village Community Center - Fire Department (PVFD)

Opportunity 1

     Feb 24    (Fri)        Day #1 from        6 - 9 PM
     Feb 25 (Sat) Day #2 from 8 AM - 4 PM

Opportunity 2

     Mar 3 (Fri) Day #1 from        6 - 9 PM
     Mar 4 (Sat) Day #2 from 8 AM - 4 PM

Range Opportunities/Meetings:  ALL DATES TENATIVE

     Shooting Disciplines:  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloader
     Range Location:  To Be Determined

April 11 (Tue) Meeting at PVFD 7-8:30 PM   Intro/Safety/Project Meeting (New Members)
May 14 (Sun)
Range Opportunity 1-4:00 PM
May 21 (Sun)
Range Opportunity 1-4:00 PM
May 30 (Tue) Meeting at PVFD   7-8:30 PM Project Meeting
June 4 (Sun)
Range Opportunity  1-4:00 PM

Warren County 4-H Fair

        June 10 (Sat)   Project Check-In 8:30 – 9:30 AM          10:00 AM  Judging (Food Building)
        June 13-17       Warren County 4-H Fair
June 17         Project & Notebook Pick UP    5-7:00 PM