Warren County 4-H Fair

June 13-17

4-H Township Clubs 


Meeting Location:  Robin Lucas Home (Tool Shed) 5940 E 800 N, PV
      Plan to be a part of the fun.
      May 3 (Wed)                                  
      May 31 (Wed)

     Leaders: Laci Frodge 585-2683 
                   Robin Lucas 765-385-5082
                   Jean Akers 762-3231 

Liberty Kid Konnection

Meetings:  Hickman Heights Christian Church, 6:30-7:30 pm

     Tues, May 9Project Demonstrations & More
     Tues, June 6Community Service Project at the Williamsport Nursing Home, 2-3:30pm
     Fri, June 9Drop-In Record Sheet Signing

     Leaders:   Anne Rhea 585-2294 rheafamily4@gmail.com  
                     Candice Vail 585-4755

Medina Hilltoppers

Meetings: Armstrong Chapel 6:30 pm

    May 4 (Thur)  
    May 18 (Thur)   
    May 30 (Tues)
    June 6 (Tues)
      Leaders:  Dann Keiser 1-765-366-7010
                     Lynn Keiser 366-7063 keiser@tctc.com  

Warren Voyagers

Meetings:  Methodist Church Independence, 6:30-7:30 pm

     May 15 (Tues)
     June 5 (Tues)

       Leaders:     Jean Anne Miller 765-476-1211
                           Kelly Pearson 762-3231 kppearson@purdue.edu   
                           Lynn Manning 762-0260 

Washington Whizzes

     May 15, (Mon) 6-7:15 pm Warren County REMC  
     June 5, (Mon) 5:30-6:30 pm Warren County REMC, Record Sheet Signing

     Leaders:  Lee Kay, 762-2359 laurie@thewarrenagency.com  
                    Lori Beyer 1-765-299-2465  

West Side Six

    June 5, (Mon) 5:30-6:30 pm, Record Sheet Signing, West Lebanon Library

      Leaders:  Stephanie Larch 765-986-2038 happyasalarch@gmail.com 
                     Stephanie Houmes, 765-585-4711 shoumes@dancomnews.com
                     Nancy Clark 893-4661 nancy@sweetclover.net  

 Project Meetings

Dog / Puppy Spark Club 

Training sessions have begun!  How about we try   Thursday’s starting April 6th through June 8th 7 pm 1st year at 7 pm, 2nd year and above at 7:30 pm at the Warren County 4-H Fairgrounds – Williamsport.  Proof of vaccination is required at the training sessions.    


   29-Apr   10 am-12 noon    Rocking S Farm      Work with Llama
   29-Apr    2-4 pm              Extension Office      Llama Fiber Workshop
     3-May   6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Work with Llama
   10-May   6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Work with Llama
   13-May   12:00 AM           Extension Office     Poster Workshop
   17-May   6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Work with Llama
   24-May   6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Llama Costumes
   31-May   6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Llama Costumes
     3-Jun    6-7 pm              Rocking S Farm      Llama Practice Show
 - Questions call Robin 765-572-1184

4-H Project Clubs  

Horse & Pony

                May 3rd Open Ride– Warren County 4-H Fairgrounds, 6pm
                May 16th Open Ride– Warren County 4-H Fairgrounds, 6 pm
                June 1st  Open Ride– Warren County 4-H Fairgrounds, Barn Clean up 6 pm.

             Leaders: Nathan Smiley 765-404-2435
                               Ashley Miller 269-357-1575
    Superintendent:  Josh Waling 765-714-6726

Jr. Leaders 

    Completion Trip - TBA

Wondering how to complete Jr. Leaders? To complete you will need a total of 5 activities which include: working at least one shift in the Jr. Leader Food Stand and 4 other county activities. Attending Jr. Leader Meetings can count as to 2 activities maximum. Members completing their 5 activities are eligible to participate in the Jr. Leader completion trip.

    Leader: Kelly Pearson 762-3231


      May 4, (Thurs) 6:30-8 pm,  Egg Mock Show, Location TBA
      May 18, (Thurs) 6:30-8 pm, NPIP testing, 4-H Fairgrounds
      June 8, (Thurs) 6:30-8 pm, Record Sheet Signing, Fair Preparations, 4-H Fairgrounds

      Leader: Amelia Wolber  765-492-6095

Shooting Sports Meetings/Range Opportunities

       Shooting Disciplines:  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzle Loading
      Range Location:  Gates Gravel Pit, Independence

      May   7 (Sun) Range Opportunity, 1- 4 pm
      May 21 (Sun) Range Opportunity, 1- 4 pm
      May 30 (Tue) Meeting at PVFD, 7-8:30 pm
      June  4 (Sun) Range Opportunity, 1- 4 pm

    Leaders: Steve Childress 765-491-7397
                  Travis Frodge    765-299-4648