Warren County 4-H 2015

4-H Youth Enrollment

4-H Enrollment – still an option!

Did you think you missed out on enrolling in 4-H?  You are in luck you can still enroll in Warren County 4-H for 2015 with an enrollment form.  The online 4-H enrollment system is now closed.  Once you enroll with the form and submit your 4-H program fee of $15, you will be ready for the fun of the Warren County 4-H program!  If you are unable to print off the form or have any questions, feel free to contact the Purdue Extension – Warren County Office at (765)762-3231.

2015 Warren County 4-H Enrollment Form 
                                        located at the bottom of the page

4-H - Update or Drop Add

Thank you to everyone who enrolled online.  Now you have the opportunity to manage your own information.  Just click on the link above.  You can drop or add projects up to May 15, adjust your information update phone numbers or emails as they might change. 

Warren County Projects/Record Sheets

Achievement Record listed as
       Creative and Expressive Arts:  Achievement Record on line
Arts & Crafts
Record Sheet 

Livestock Record Sheet

Cake Decorating
    Record Sheet
        Hints and Helps     Icing Recipes     Make your own cake dummies

     Exhibit Sheets
            Beginner     Intermediate      Advanced
    Cat Vaccination Form
Child Development
    Record Sheet Level A Grades 3-4      Record Sheet Level B Grades 5-6
    Record Sheet Level C Grades 7-9      Record Sheet Level D Grades 10-12
Consumer Clothing
    Free Download Manuals 
    Small Grains

Do Your Own Thing listed as
    Leisure Education: Do Your Own Thing
    Manual - see below
    Proposal/Record Sheet - see below
    Dog entry form at the bottom of page 
    Dog Vaccination Form

    Division I Record Sheet
         Division I What have I done?
    Division II Record Sheet   
         Division II Magnet Powered flashlight "What have I learned?" 
    Division III Record Sheet    
    Division IV Record Sheet
    Advanced Record Sheet
    Record Sheet
    Insect Flashcards
    Proper Pin Placement Card      Insect Mounting Card
    Insect Anatomy Card                Metamorphosis Card
    Mouth parts Card                       Leg & Wing Card
    Collection Box ID Card (Grades 9-12)
    How to Study, Collect, Preserve, and Identify Insects
Exhibit Requirements
    Recipe Card 

    Record Sheet 3-5     Record Sheet 6-8     Record Sheet 9-12
    Preserving Leaves
    Grade 3-4 Level A See them Sprout         
    Grade 5-6 Level B Let's get Growing
    Grade 7-9 Level C Take your Pick            
    Grade 10-12 Level D Growing Profits
    All Genealogy Forms
    Dairy, Meat, Specialty

Hay listed as Crops online

Horse & Pony
    H&P Meeting March 12, REMC basement 7-8:30 pm
    H&P Vaccination From 
    Indiana 4-H Horse & Pony Handbook
    Animal Lease Agreement
    H & P Class Registration is located at the bottom of the page
Jr. Leaders (grades7-12)
    Nov. 11 Call out Meeting 6:30-8:30 Pigman's Farm

Mini (2nd Grade only)
    Bug Manual       Garden
    Flight                Puppy Manual
    Foods Manual    Wildlife Manual
    Animal Lease Agreement
    Grade 3         Grade 4       Grade 5         Grade 6
    Grade 7         Grade 8       Grade 9         Grade 10
    Grade 11       Grade 12
    Record Sheet
    Enrollment Form                Record Sheet
    Egg & Flock Record Sheet
    Rabbit Enrollment Form
    Indiana 4-H Rabbit Record Sheet
Scrapbooking listed as
      Creative and Expressive Arts:  Scrapbooking online

    Record Sheet 3        Skills Grades 3-4           
    Record Sheet 4        Skills Grade 5
    Record Sheet 5        Skills Grade 6      
    Record Sheet 6        Skills Grade 7
    Record Sheet 7        Skills Grades 8-12     
    Record Sheet 8-9     
    Record Sheet  10-12

Shooting Sports
    Summary Record Sheet
    Shooting Sports Power Point Listed below
Livestock Record Sheet
Vet. Science 
    Plans Level 1         Plans Level 2  -  See the bottom of the page 

State 4-H Website

Indiana State Fair Premium Book 

By Kelly Pearson, County Extension Director
The Educational Store