4-H Camp Information

4-H Camp June 16-18

  • Tues, June 16th  you will need to meet the bus at 8:30 am at the Purdue Extension Warren County Office in Williamsport
  •  Thurs, June 18th please have someone pick you up at the same location at 1:45 pm

 Campers that need medicine at camp will need to be sure they are listed on the enclosed Health Form.  All medications must be in their original containers and placed in a Ziploc bag with the 4-H Campers Name /County and given to Kelly before boarding the bus.  We are including an additional form that will need to be completed and included with the medications.  There are two sides to the Health Form - page 2 is to give permission to the Camp Nurse to administer the listed items if needed.  One additional item that is needed is a current photo of your child attached to the health form.

We highly suggest that each child take no more than $10 for crafts and miscellaneous items.  The campers are responsible for their own money.  If they take too much money it is possible that it could disappear.  Most kids like to do more than one craft and they range from $1.00-$3.50 in price.  It is possible to get by with as little as $5.  There is an opportunity to purchase snacks at the pool but this is not encouraged.

The phone number for EMERGENCIES ONLY is (812) 665-2838; telephone calls are discouraged to the campers.  Counselors and campers will not be allowed to have cell phones at camp.  Parents please help us with this matter.  Cell phone service is very limited at camp, making it best to use the above number if there are issues or questions while we are at camp. 

If you have any questions, please email or call the Extension Office at 762-3231.

Happy camping,


By Kelly Pearson, County Extension Director
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