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Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

February 28, 2020
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All beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, poultry, and/or rabbits, 4-H members MUST be certified through the educational Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program no later than July 10, 2020. All Vigo County PQA trainings will expire in March 2020 so all swine members must take a YQCA training course in 2020. Mini 4-Her’s are exempt from the training

This is an annual education program that can be completed via online modules ($12) or in-person training programs ($3). Read on for information on a test out option.  In-person trainings held in Vigo County will be free to Vigo County 4-H Members who completed 4-H enrollment by January 15th. Thank you to local sponsors Rural King and The Equity for providing coupons for YQCA in Vigo County.

Vigo County trainings will be held:

Youth must register for this training online within two weeks following the in-person training! The following information tells you how to register online plus there is step-by-step instructions and a video on our website.

Instructions for Signing up for your YQCA Training in Vigo County at the Fairgrounds:

  1. Within two weeks following the training, go to and select sign in with your 4HOnline account. You will be prompted to select a state, then enter the login information for your 4HOnline account. After logging in you will be given a list of active family members. Select a family member and start the account creation process.
  2. When you see the course list, select the $3 instructor led training appropriate for the 4-H member’s age. PAY ATTENDTION TO THE YEAR OF THE COURSE AND SELECT A 2020 VIGO COUNTY COURSE!
  3. Select your payment method or enter the coupon code in all capital letters.
  4. Repeat for any additional family members.
  5. Once you have attended the training the instructor will mark attendees complete.
  6. Return to the course menu and print your certificate for your records. A printed certificate is required for those exhibiting at the Indiana State Fair.

This is an important educational opportunity for 4-H livestock members. Making this an exhibition rule is how Indiana 4-H is ensuring that 4-H members learn about quality assurance (though actually, the program has nothing to do with animal exhibition). Indiana 4-H is requiring this program so youth learn best management practices with their animals. The YQCA program will: 

Test out option: This is only available to youth in the first year of intermediate (age 12), senior (age 15) and young adult (age 19). There is no test-out option for juniors. At the bottom of the “Course List” page are the test out options for these age levels.

More information about YQCA is available at Contact Sara Haag, or 812-462-3371, with questions or assistance.

Updated 2/14/2020


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