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Bed bug in the act of feeding on human
Misconceptions about bed bugs abound in social media. This column explains how and when bed bugs became a pest in America and what physical and psychological harm they actually may cause for people.
What should you be doing with your indoor plants, yard, and garden in the month of January? Rosie Lerner, Purdue Extension horticulture specialist, has a list of things to check and plan for during the first month of the year.
Allium 'Millenium' purple flower bloom
'Millenium' is a hybrid Allium selected for late flowering. It has masses of rose-purple blooms; a uniform habit; and neat, shiny, green foliage that remains attractive long after blooms have faded. It is also known for its resistance to drought. And now it's the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year!
a praying mantis in a Santa hat
I don't often get questions about new insect outbreaks in the home at this time of year, but when I do it is often near the Christmas holidays and the letter exchange goes something like this ....
Chinese (lacebark) elm with fruit (Photo credit: M.R., Brookville, Indiana)
Q. I have some leaves from a tree I would like to identify. It is roughly 8 to 12 inches in diameter and fairly tall. The leaves are alternating with lengths of 1.5 to 2 inches long. The leaf stalks are all really short compared to the leaf length. Can you identify? - M.R., Brookville, Indiana
HOME (Indoor plants and activities) Check houseplant leaves for brown, dry edges, which indicates too little relative humidity in the house. Increase humidity by running a humidifier, grouping plants or using pebble trays.
A pink flowering crabapple blooming in fall
What is that crabapple doing reblooming in October and November? Actually, it might be more correct to think of it as jumping the gun on next spring rather than reblooming.

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