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Hort Alerts are a free email gardening newsletter sent out from the Purdue Extension Service in Vanderburgh County.
This page contains an archive of the current year's Extension Notes articles, written by Larry Caplan, that appear in the Evansville Courier and Press every Sunday.
Use these forms to report your Master Gardener volunteer hours annually.
This page will contain information about the Fall 2017 Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class for Vanderburgh County.
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Learn how Purdue Extension is Making a Difference in Vanderburgh County. Find this and previous years' Annual Reports.
Find the SWIMGA Dues Form, Committee Report, Deposit Form, Payment/Reimbursement Form, Project Review Form, Ongoing Project Renewal Form, New Project Approval Form, and Bylaws. Also, find a link to the Volunteer Hours page.
This page contains links to information targeted to Vanderburgh County home, yard, and garden clientele.

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