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Master Gardener Vegetable Encyclopedia

April 10, 2014

Purdue Master Gardener Vegetable Encyclopedia

The Purdue Master Gardener Vegetable Encyclopedia is a reference for Master Gardeners to use when they are asked questions about specific vegetables such as:

Use it as an encyclopedia, to look up the information you need, rather than reading it as a book.

The Encyclopedia is 94 pages long about about 7MB worth of data. It is formatted to use on a computer, as you would use a web page, instead of being printed out. Since you can store the PDF on your computer, it is more convenient than a webpage that would always require internet access. Since it is a single document, you can use the search function to find the information you need quickly.

The bookmarks to the left of the text make it easy to go right to the vegetable on which you need information. The links within the document (dashed underline) let you find related information. Relevent websites are also listed (solid underline). Each vegetable has its own page (or several pages) so you can print just the information you need.

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