FNR-534-W Tree Pruning: What Do Trees Think? publication
The Tree Pruning: What Do Trees Think is a 6-page publication explaining the physiological and physical changes that happen within trees as a response to pruning. Guiding young and medium-aged trees to develop good branch architecture is key to sustainable tree plantings.
Hellbenders Rock! lesson plan
Teachers : this new lesson plan from The Nature of Teaching titled Hellbenders Rock! is full of engaging activities to teach K-5 students about the endangered eastern hellbender, while meeting Indiana academic standards.
Tree with autumn leaves
Don't miss this opportunity to attend a tree planting workshop February 23rd. The workshop will cover subjects such as ordering trees, planting trees, spacing, which species to use, soil types, weed control and other related subjects.
The 2017 Indiana Tree Farm Landowners Clinic is a program designed to provide landowners interested in managing their forests and wild lands an introduction to management practices, and resources for advice and assistance. This program is open to anyone interested in trees and wildlife.
Workshop Logo
The Ohio River Valley Woodlands and Wildlife Workshop is designed to provide the woodland and wildlife property owner with forestry and wildlife related educational opportunities. Experts from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio will address any questions you may have regarding management of your properties.
Pruning has been called "one of the best, worst maintenance practices," especially when performed on urban trees. This video demonstrates best pruning practices to defend against spread of pests along with aiding in strong growth.
Bovine Tb in white-tailed deer
What is Bovine tuberculosis and is it transmissible to humans? The answer to these frequently asked questions, along with details and resources, can be found on the Purdue Extension-Forestry and Natural Resources web page.

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