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March 12, 2018

PCARET - Purdue Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching.  Now that you know what the acronym PCARET stands for, let's learn a little more about it.


The Purdue Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching (or PCARET) is a volunteer group of Indiana residents that believe in the power of research and education from the Purdue University College of Agriculture and the Purdue Extension mission to translate research into practical, effective, local programs for people across our state.

As a PCRAET member you would: Participate annually in two area meetings and two state meetings. You can also serve on state committees and, as a Washington, D.C. delegate, discuss Purdue Agriculture with national leaders. PCARET members also:

• Share Purdue Agriculture successes with government officials, community members, and others

• Meet with elected officials to positively influence legislative issues that affect Purdue Agriculture

• Inform PCARET members of legislative initiatives that require their input

• Teach others how to contact, and converse with, government officials about Purdue Agriculture

• Remain aware of news and issues affecting Purdue Agriculture

• Discuss community needs, program successes, and legislative responses with Purdue Agriculture administrators


Become an advocate for Purdue Agriculture by joining PCARET. You’ll learn about the full impact of Purdue Agriculture’s achievements. You’ll grow stronger as a leader, expand your network, and deepen your influence on issues that matter. You’ll facilitate conversations about topics that count, wherever you call home.

PCARET is your outlet to advocate for Purdue Agriculture, create conversations about what’s important to you, and develop your skills as a leader — all with a reasonable time commitment. Nothing more clearly illustrates the value of Purdue Agriculture than sharing success stories, and PCARET is home to truly energetic, persuasive storytellers. We hope you’ll be the next to join our ranks. Have questions? Want more information? Ready to take part? Email the address below or go to the website below.




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