Who do I contact to tour a building I'm interested in? 

Call the Extension Office for more information, 765-474-0793. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about booking an event? 

The Fairgrounds Administrative Assistant may be reached at 765-474-0793 or

Events may be booked one year in advance. 

How much does it cost to rent a building or space? 

Rates are outlined in the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds Rental Rates. 

What is required to book an event? 

  1. Check availability on the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds Calendar or call the Extension Office, 765-474-0793. If your date is open, a lease portfolio will be prepared and e-mailed to you. 
  2. Submit signed Lease Agreement and Regulations. 
  3. Paid deposit.

Where do I drop off or mail paperwork and payment? 

Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Tippecanoe County Office Attn: Fairgrounds Administrative Assistant 3150 Sagamore Parkway South Lafayette, IN 47905 

Do you take debit or credit cards? 

As a government owned property, the Fairgrounds may only accept cash, check, or money order. If a check is returned from the bank as non-sufficient funds, the Lessee will be charged an additional $27.50 and re-payment of the check amount will be required in cash. 

Do you allow alcohol? 

Alcohol is not permitted on the 4-H Fairgrounds, except where approved. The Home Economics Building and West Pavilion are the only two buildings approved by the Tippecanoe County Commissioners in which alcohol may be served. Upon request, we can provide you with a list of approved alcohol caterers. 

What is your alcohol policy? 

You may not serve or purchase your own alcohol. You must contract with a State licensed alcohol beverage caterer (not a bartender). The catering business must provide all licensing and liability insurance to the Extension Office 30 days prior to the event. In addition, you will need to contact the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office to hire a Deputy (three hour minimum) to be present at the event during alcohol service. For more information, please refer to the Alcohol Usage/Policy Agreement. 

Do the Fairgrounds provide set up or clean up service?

Decorating, setting up or taking down tables, chairs, signage, and other event preparation is the responsibility of the Lessee. Schedule a complimentary setup day or cleanup day with your event (depending on availability), or arrange to arrive early or stay late. 

How do I find out more information about upcoming events or an event I just attended? 

The organizer of an event may list contact name, phone or e-mail, admission or parking fees, food service and booth rental information. Check the event detail listing by clicking on the appointment at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds Calendar. 

Are there extra charges for tables/chairs or electricity? 

No. Tables and chairs are stored in the Exhibit Hall and Home Economics Building, and a limited supply in the West Pavilion. Should you require more tables than are available (as in the case of trade shows), you will have to make arrangements to rent additional tables or chairs. Upon request, we can provide you with Rental Company contact information. 

I need a commercial kitchen to prep food for a few hours. Do you have hourly rates? 

Yes, only for the Home Economics Building Kitchen. Rates are $150 for the day or $20 per hour. Availability depends on what activity is taking place in the rest of the building that day. 

My company/organization just needs space for parking cars and bussing. Can we do that?

There are designated areas for rent to park cars. They are the Grassy Circle (on the grass, weather permitting - 150 spaces), Open Space along Teal Road / Wooded Area (300/500 spaces), Teal Road Parking between front gates (26 spaces), and Sheep Barn Parking (30 spaces). 

I don't need too much space; can I rent half of a building? 

There are no established rates for half use of a building. 

What buildings have a sound system?

The Coliseum has a stage, dirt floor show ring, 1,800 person seating capacity, overhead fans and a public address system with speakers. The Home Economics Building has a microphone, podium and overhead screen. The Exhibit Hall also has a public address system. 

Who do I contact about the monthly flea market? 

Those interested in a booth may contact Kris DeHahn at 765-714-1399 or, or show up and booth rental money will be collected from you onsite. 

Do you have any air-conditioned buildings? 

The Home Economics Building is slated to have central air installed in 2011! 


What is your cancelation policy? 

Notification must be received within 30 days of the scheduled setup date. In that case, the deposit will be refunded. Less than 30 days' notice, deposit will not be refunded as the Fairgrounds reserved the building for a time and must recover lost revenue. 

When will my deposit be refunded? 

Deposit refund is contingent upon the Clean Up Policy being followed. The Fairgrounds staff will look over the site when the building is closed. Generally, the deposit is processed within 30 days after the event and will be mailed to you; you do not have to initiate this process. If the following occur, the deposit may be reduced or even forfeited: additional cleaning, damage to property rented, towing, loss of equipment located within building rented, etc. 

When is rent and liability insurance due? 

Two weeks prior to your event setup date. 

What about parking capacity? 

The area surrounding the building or space you rent is reserved for your event's parking. The Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds does not guarantee parking as multiple events may be taking place on any given day. All events share parking on the Fairgrounds. 

What about equipment or manual labor to help setup our event? 

The Fairgrounds does not provide skid loaders, scissor lifts, fork lifts, Bobcat use, portable restrooms, portable lighting, etc. Upon request, we can provide you with Rental and Labor Company contact information to meet your needs. 

Do you have trash dumpsters we can use? 

Events such as receptions, parties, small-scale shows, may use the trash dumpster located between the Home Economics Building and Exhibit Hall. Large events such as livestock sales, liquidation sales, trade shows, etc. will need to rent a waste receptacle of a size in proportion to the amount of waste generated. Upon request, we can provide you with Waste Removal contact information. 

What about security for my overnight event? 

The Fairgrounds does not have security personnel. You may provide your own security person, or upon request we can provide you with Security Company contact information. 

Can I serve food to the audience at my event? 

You may bring in a food vending cart, wagon, or concession trailer, use slow cookers or hire a caterer. On-site grills, roasters, spits and deep fryers must be setup outside, away from potential fire hazards. Having the proper permit(s) is the responsibility of the Lessee. 

What if we aren't out of the building in time; is there a curfew? 

The Fairgrounds curfew for all events is 11:00 p.m. In rare cases, under extenuating circumstances, you may be able to extend that time by notifying the Property Manager ahead of time. 

We would like to camp overnight on the grounds. Is that permitted? 

The Fairgrounds does not allow any overnight parking or camping of any kind. No exceptions. 

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