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March 19, 2021

 Superintendent – Brandon Stevens 746-4700 (cell)                       

   Email: 4HelectricIN79@gmail.com

 Some references:  Electric utility (Duke Energy,Tipmont REMC) experienced electricians, National Electric Code, building inspectors, electrical engineers, teachers, and electrical/electronic supply stores. Purblications are available for download for some of the divisions:  https://extension.purdue.edu/4h/Pages/project.aspx?proj=27

Use this link to access record pages watch an assembly video of projects, and use the same scorecard the judge will use to pre-judge and review your own work!

 See online handbook link below or come in to Extension Office to purchase: https://extension.purdue.edu/tippecanoe/article/36279


- Division 1 :  Magic of Electricity BU-06848

 Division 2 :Investigating Electricity  BU-06849

Division 3 - Wired for Power BU- 06850

Division 4 - 

Division 5-10 Advanced Electric/Electronics no official book available.

You may find other resources to provide guidance for your project such as books at the library, home-improvement store, etc. “Wiring A House” ISBN:978-1-62710-674-0, “Wiring” ISBN:978-1-58011-787-6, “The Complete Guide to Wiring” ISBN:978-0-7603-5357-8.

 One state fair entry will be selected for each of the following: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, Division 5-10 Advanced Electric, and Division 5-10 Advanced Electronics.







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