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Wonder why you put butterflies in the freezer? Curious how many siblings a pig has? Love horses but live in town? Life's little questions aren't meant to be answered alone! We invite you and your child to join 4-H, the organization of families who share in teaching kids practical things like pet care, growing gardens, capturing memorable photos, and important values like responsibility. Whether you live in town or the boonies, join 4-H and we'll tackle life's little questions together!
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Steuben County's 101 lakes serve as recreational landscapes for a large portion of the community, catch basins for runoff, and home to many wildlife. It serves our community well to begin the conversation about conservation early in a community like ours.
Youth in cafeteria
Third grader is when the local schools start offering a salad bar, but teachers have noticed that many kids do not know what vegetables they like, so they forego getting the salad bar. 66% had tried a new fruit or vegetable after starting the school garden, and 87% were willing to try a new fruit or vegetable as a result of gardening at school.
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The 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, the Health and Human Sciences Extension Educator, and the Ag and Natural Resources/Community Development Extension Educator of the Purdue Extension Office utilized their talents to implement "Eat Your Way to Better Health" at Carlin Park Elementary, a school in which over 50% of the students receive free or reduced lunches. Forty-five 3rd grade students gardened and learned about healthy eating. See more detailed results here...
Annie's Project Class
Agriculture is a unique family business because it involves large investments and often times large debt. If there is only one member of a farm family who knows how to operate the business aspect of the farm and something were to happen to them it could leave their family and their employees in a bad situation, not only emotionally but also financially and possibly legally. With over 550 farms in Steuben County there are a lot of farm families who could benefit from having additional family memb
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All three program areas of the Purdue Extension Office utilized their talents to implement "Eat Your Way to Better Health" at Carlin Park Elementary where 57 3rd grade students gardened and learned about MyPlate and food safety.

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