The Paul and Inger Friend 4-H Scholarship - $300 Award - Due May 1st!

Paul and Inger Friend established the 4-H Scholarship, in honor of their children Brian, Brent, and Katrina Friend. Each were 10 year members in the Steuben County 4-H program where they gained an abundance of life learning skills, responsibility, interaction with others and leadership talent by participating in 4-H.

Both Paul and Inger Friend participated in the 4-H program in their youth. They also graduated from Purdue University, the State of Indiana Land Grant University that guides the 4-H program.

The Friends believe in the objectives of the 4-H program that develops our youth into productive adults. Both have served in a variety of career and volunteer positions to promote the 4-H program in Steuben County.


  • The student must have graduated from Angola, Hamilton, Fremont or Prairie Heights High School.
  • The student must have completed at least 7 years in the 4-H program (minimum of 5 years in Steuben County, Indiana).
  • The location of the institution of higher education the student is attending is limited to the State of Indiana
  • The student can be entering his/her freshman year in a two or four year program or be at any level of the institution at the undergraduate level.
  • Attach any supporting statements from former teachers or supervisors of any paid or volunteer work in your chosen field.
  • Copy of school transcripts. (High School and College – if completed at least one semester)
  • Copy of 4-H Record of Achievement.
  • 200 word essay on how 4-H has influenced your career choice.

Special consideration is to be given to students attending Purdue University in the College of Agriculture.

The scholarship application is to be completed online at: