Purdue Extension Success Stories
Steuben County Success Stories
The Steuben County Interagency group was started in 1981, when Joyce Gutstein, who was working at the Well Child Clinic, and Helen Smatt, the county nurse, went to an Indiana State Board of Health conference in Indianapolis. They came back to Angola with a desire to enhance networking between local agencies helping the county's needy people, with a goal of serving people better and reaching all of those who needed help. Today, the Interagency meets each forth Monday of the month where they conti
Technology is constantly improving in the agriculture world. It is important for producers to stay up-to-date on practices so as to raise the best crop possible while practicing environmental safety.
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Indiana 4‑H coordinated a trip to Heifer International Ranch in Arkansas for 44 teens from Indiana to highlight and inform Indiana 4-H member's not only of the global issue of hunger, but also to enlighten them of food insecurity in their own communities.
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The 4-H Jr. Leader program is offered in Steuben County to middle school and high school youth in effort to increase life skills among youth and develop a greater leadership capacity that will positively impact our community today and in the future. This group of teen leaders met monthly to serve the local community, develop leadership qualities, build positive social relationships, and enhance their life skills. See the outcomes here...
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Camp is the ideal environment for younger youth to build self-confidence, increase cooperation, strengthen social skills, explore new activities, appreciate nature, and interact with positive teen and adult role models. The Northeast Indiana 4-H Camp did just that for local youth!
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The 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, the Health and Human Sciences Extension Educator, and the Ag and Natural Resources/Community Development Extension Educator of the Purdue Extension Office utilized their talents to implement "Eat Your Way to Better Health" at Carlin Park Elementary, a school in which over 50% of the students receive free or reduced lunches. Forty-five 3rd grade students gardened and learned about healthy eating. See more detailed results here...
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The Steuben County 4-H Program partnered with the Hamilton Elementary School After School Program to offer youth in grades 3-6 nine sessions of Reading Makes Cents, a curriculum from National 4-H Supply that targets financial literacy concepts through children's literature. Youth learned about the history of money, managing money, earning money, spending money, saving money, sharing money, and borrowing/lending money. See the results here...
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Youth engagement in local 4-H programs can lead to life skill development among 4-H youth. The aim of this research study was to discover whether or not the Steuben County 4-H Program was successfully molding productive, contributing members of society.

Purdue Extension Success Stories
Jim Bloom and John McCane
Rush County leaders want to strengthen the county's economic future. With guidance from the Hometown Collaboration Initiative, they gathered resources to assist small business growth in the community on one convenient website.
Mike and Sue Martin with their son, Ben, on their northern Indiana dairy farm near Wakarusa. The Mar
Mike and Sue Martin knew about farmers who waited until their 80s or even older before thinking about passing their farms to the next generation. When their son expressed interest in taking over the farm, they wanted to start planning right away.
Ludvin Cambara
High school students like Ludvin Cambara of Frankfort can gain the tools, training, and mentorship they need to create the next big business idea at the Indiana 4-H Entrepreneurship Academy.
Justin Hosler and his son, Jacob, prepare a pickup-mounted lift chair so that Hosler can reach his t
When Justin Hosler was injured 20 years ago, he knew working his family farm would be a challenge. The Indiana AgrAbility Project eliminates or minimizes obstacles in production agriculture for Hosler and other farmers and ranchers with disabilities.
Dean Gangwer, a third-generation farmer in Cutler, participated in the Purdue Extension Master Cattl
When three Indiana farmers were ready to take their operations to the next level, the Purdue Extension Master Cattleman program was there to steer them in the right direction.
Jon Neufelder, a Purdue Extension educator, operates a small-plot harvester. The harvester is specif
Southwest Indiana farmers grow more wheat than in any other region of the state. Purdue Extension field trial results are an important source of information for a network of growers, crop advisers, and agribusiness professionals.
(From left) Jim, EllaMae, Nancy, and John Reiff are a Kosciusko County farm family who received an e
Nancy and Jim Reiff, family farmers in Kosciusko County, didn't get any hoped-for federal assistance after an energy audit of their grain dryer operation. But that's not the end of their story.
Suzanna Johnson and her daughter Rebekah. After Rebekah participated in a Nutrition Education Progra
After her daughter participated in a Purdue Extension after-school Nutrition Education Program, Suzanna Johnson took notice. Johnson credits Purdue Extension Educator Becky Marvel and Purdue Extension for helping turn her goals into reality.
A Purdue Extension program helps communities plan for their futures by improving their public spaces
Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes sees the value in working with Purdue Extension. Purdue Extension's Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces program helps communities plan vibrant futures by improving public spaces such as parks, waterfronts, and more.
Marc Rubin poses in the woods with his dog, Mildred.
Purdue Extension workshops are teaching hunters how to safely handle and process the venison they hunt.
Zach Morris is an Army veteran who now farms in Cass County. He credits Purdue Extension's Indiana B
After almost nine years in the Army, Zach Morris wanted to return home to Cass County, Indiana to start a farm. The problem was that he had no practical experience in agriculture and didn't quite know how to get started.
Jacqui Duncan (foreground), whose life has changed because of tick-related health problems, stands i
Ticks transmit a mind-boggling variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause sometimes deadly illnesses, but tick research has lagged behind other vectors such as mosquitoes. Purdue medical entomologist Catherine Hill is changing that.
Jianxin Ma holds a dish of seeds from cultivated soybeans (right) and from their wild, hard-coated r
Wild soybean seeds are expert survivalists. They are well protected from severe conditions and inhospitable environments and can remain viable for decades. Jianxin Ma and his team are studying ways to bring these qualities to cultivated varieties.
Bruce Applegate and other researchers developed a process that extends the shelf life of milk by wee
Research by Bruce Applegate shows that rapidly heating and cooling milk significantly reduces the amount of harmful bacteria present. And that can extend the shelf life of one of the most common staples in the refrigerator by several weeks.
Jaden Freeman (left) and Cherise Schafer participated in a Purdue Extension program aimed at improvi
Like a lot of parents, Cherise Schafer realized that "the teenage years are kind of a new frontier." As her son, Jaden Freeman, turned 13, the family turned to Purdue Extension's Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14.
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