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4-H Swine Project

April 11, 2018

The Starke County Livestock Committee will again be tagging 4-H members’ swine animals prior to the July Starke County Fair. All 4-H swine animals will need to be tagged prior to arriving to the Starke County 4-H Fair in 2018.  Taggers and Swine RFID tags will be available in the Extension Office if you choose to tag your own animals. Tags will need to be clean when checking in to the Starke County Fair on Monday, July 9th. This allows volunteers and the RFID scanner to read the tags easier


Livestock Committee members will be traveling from location to location on Saturday, April 28th and Saturday, May 12th.  4-H members will have the opportunity to rank the two dates as to which works best for them by calling the Extension Office. 

4-H members and families need to call the Extension Office by April 13th with their preference date, location, and multiple contact information for tagging. A copy of the form with information requested and this letter are located at the bottom of this page. The letter was mailed March 1, 2018 to all 4-H Swine members.

These dates will allow the youth to put their animals’ tag numbers in 4HOnline when they identify the animals at by May 15th. Ear notches are still the required form of identification at the county level. 4-H members will be able to record each animal’s earnotch number, RFID Number, 5-digit county tag, breed, birthdate, and premise ID following the tagging of the animals. With having the tag numbers entered in 4HOnline early, any discrepancies or issues with ear notches will be minimalized during Monday morning check-in at the 2018 Starke County 4-H Fair.

All swine animals must be identified in the Indiana 4HOnline Animals ID system by Monday, May 15th. The online animal ID website is located at (where you enrolled in 4-H). A letter was mailed in April covering:

 A copy of this letter and instructions for online Identification are available at the bottom of this page.


The Starke County General 4-H Livestock rules, 4-H Swine rules, Animal Location form, and 4-H Showmanship rules are available at the bottom of this page.


NEW for 2018 : When swine animals are checked into the Fair on Monday, July 9th, a decision of which animal(s) will be in the auction has to be made in the scale. No papers will be provided for families to complete pertaining to which animal(s) will be sold in 2018 at the Livestock Auction.


If you have any questions, please contact the Extension Office at 574-772-9141.


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