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Gretchen Keen and 5-year-old Willow (Exchange Photo)
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There was a wonderful story in the April 13, 2018, Farmer's Exchange's first section. Written by editor Jerry Goshert, the story is a very feel-good type of story that includes a pic and blurb about one of St. Joe County's past 10-year member and current volunteer.
Flood Recovery
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On the following page are several links related to our current flooding situation.
Kristen Sikorski-Conklin
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The Farmer's Exchange has a regular column titled "A Person You Should Know." In the December 29, 2017, issue one of our very own was highlighted. Click on the read more......
End of registration for the 2018 Master Gardener Class is almost here. If you are interested, please call the office for further information.
stink bug
The "stink bug" article in the the Local section of the Business section of the South Bend Tribune, written by Joseph Dits, has a reference quote by our new ANR Educator Jacob Holloway. Click "more" and read the article.
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Master Gardener Volunteer Hours and Education form is available for downloading.

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