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GIK August 2016
It's here...the August issue of Growing in Knowledge!
Growing in Knowledge Newsletter September 2015
Did you know that if you have a leftover poinsettia from last year, that you have been watering and babying, you can force it to bloom by Christmas? Did you also know the same can be done for a Christmas cactus? I'm so excited to discover this because this is exactly what I have here in our office and I have been doing exactly the above (I did kill the African Violet though and I did feel bad as I dumped it in the trash).
Growing in Knowledge Newsletter May 2015
The May edition is here! Good stuff.
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Pruning, weeds, and bugs, oh my! Looking for gardening tips? Gardening how-to's? What month is the right month to do a "garden thing" in? Cooking? Yes, cooking! Check out this great source of information in the archived "Growing in Knowledge" newsletters!

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