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February 13, 2020


Show: Thursday, July 2, 2020 – 9:00 a.m.
Rabbit Tattoo Day: TBA

PREMIUMS:$2, $1.50, $1.25; Participation $1 SHOWMANSHIP PREMIUMS: $2, $1, $1 


1. OWNERSHIP-Animals must be owned or leased (county exhibition only) and cared for by the 4-H member by May 15 of the current year. Younger rabbits, such as Junior and Meat Class Rabbits, must be owned or leased (county exhibition only) and cared for by the 4-H member by June 15. This pertains to ALL 4-H Rabbit County and State Fair Exhibitors.
All rabbits must be permanently tattooed in the left ear by the 4-H Rabbit Superintendent or an official designee by May 15. Possible tattoos include letters, numbers, or a combination of letter(s) and numbers(s).
2. FAIR ENTRY --All County 4-H Exhibitors must enter your Rabbits in their classes in the Fair Entry online program by May 31. You MUST have the rabbit’s tattoo number for identification.   There will be NO entries accepted after May 15.
3. Entry blanks are available at the Shelby County Extension Office. Each class has been given a variety and/or color section for 4-H. Entry blanks must show breed, color, sex and a readable ear tattoo number.
4. All 4-H'ers showing rabbits are encouraged to help with the set-up and tear-down of the rabbit cages at the designated time.
5. Contact Rabbit Superintendent for details on availability of bedding.
6. All Classes will be judged according to ages and weights as established by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. best of breed and best opposite sex accordingly. The Shelby County 4-H Rabbit show will be duly sanctioned under rules of A.R.B.A., and breed eligibility for Best of Breed and Opposite sex is consistent with A.R.B.A. requirements.  So best cross breed/pet class will not be eligible for Best in Show because there is no standard to judge against.

1.Any Rabbit Project Member  may enter and show a maximum of 20 entries with only one (1) entry per class number.  If entering meat classes, these must be counted as part of the 20 maximum.  A class would be under Breed, variety, then sex.  For example, a class would be American Chinchilla Senior Buck or English Spot a class would be black senior buck.
2. Any 4-H Rabbit Project Members may have one entry in each Meat Class. Premium paid per Meat Pen or Meat Class (Fryer, Roaster, or Stewer).
3. Animals that show in the single Fryer, Roaster, and Stewer, and Meat Pen classes cannot be shown in Breed Classes.
4. All Exhibitors or assistant showmen are responsible for carrying their rabbits to and from the judging table on the day of judging.
5. All classes will be judged according to ages and weights as established by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Also, Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex accordingly, no substitution accepted, except in same breed and class.
6. All other varieties of rabbits recognized by American Standards but not listed, may be entered as a separate entry by breed, variety, class, and sex, and will be judged and receive comments, ribbons, and premiums.

7. If your rabbit exhibits signs of disease or illness, i.e. snuffles, you may be excused at the Judge’s or Rabbit Superintendent’s discretion.
8. Crossbreeds are eligible to be shown at the County Fair, but are not eligible to go on to the State Fair.


Single fryer rabbits may be selected and shown from the same 4-Hers meat pen.  Animals shown in the fryer, roaster, stewer and meat pen classes cannot be shown as breed animals.
1. MEAT PEN -- Three rabbits of the same breed and same variety weighing up to five (5) pounds and not over ten (10) weeks of age.
2. FRYER -- One rabbit weighing three (3) to five (5) pounds and not over ten (10) weeks of age; single fryer may be taken and shown from the 4-H'ers rabbit meat pen.
3. ROASTER -- One rabbit weighing five (5) to eight (8) pounds and less than six (6) months of age.
4. STEWER -- One rabbit weighing eight (8) pounds or more and being six (6) months of age or more.


5. Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Variety
6. Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed
7. Best Six (6) Class
8. Best Four (4) Class
9. Best Crossbred
10. Best in Show (Sections 7, 8, & 9)
11. Champion and Reserve Champion Meat Pen
12. Best Single Fryer
13. Best Roaster
14. Best Stewer

Contest: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

Section Number:
15. 4-H Novice Contest –Champion and First (1st) through Fourth (4th) runner-up
16. 4-H Junior Contest—Champion and First (1st) through Fourth (4th) runner-up
17. 4-H Intermediate Contest—Champion and First (1st) through Fourth (4th) runner-up
18. 4-H Senior Contest—Champion and First (1st) through Fourth (4th) runner-up
19. 4-H Master contest—Champion and First (1st) through Fourth (4th) runner-up

General information and requirements:
1. 4-H contestant must have shown in and been nominated from his/her respective county.
Contestants with special needs must indicate the type of accommodation needed on their Rabbit Ambassador entry form.
2. Each county may nominate five contestants: one novice (grade 3 or 4), one junior (grade 5 or 6), one intermediate (grade 7 or 8), one senior (grade 9 or 10), and one master (grade 11 or 12). Category winners are not eligible to compete in the same category again. They may, however, compete in the next higher category. 
3. One (1) alternate in each category should be entered on the county’s entry form in the event that the nominated contestant is unable to participate. As a last resort, an alternate may be substituted provided written or verbal confirmation comes from the County Extension Office to the 4-H Rabbit Show Manager.


1.  No resource or reference material may be used during the contest by the participants. Contestants must provide a #2 pencil for writing purposes.
2. Questions for the contest will be taken from the following publications:
    a. Rabbit Resource Handbook for Breeding, Market, and Pet Rabbit Projects (4-H publication #1013)
    b. current Standard of Perfection (published by ARBA)
3. In the event of a conflict of information, the current American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection is considered the authority.
4. Tie scores will be broken in the order that follows:
    a. highest test score
    b. highest breed id score
    c. oral test given by a committee of three (3) people appointed by rabbit ambassador chairperson
5. Decision of the judges shall be final

4-H Rabbit Ambassador Contest Procedures:
Test-100 points
• novice and junior categories-25 questions
• intermediate, senior, master categories-50 questions
• Questions may be true-false, multiple choice, matching or a combination thereof.
• Answers are recorded on a Scan-tron form.

Breed Identification-60 points
• Identify ten (10) rabbits according to showroom classification and class.
• Answers are selected from choices presented with each rabbit and recorded on a scantron form
• Showroom classification refers to the term used to enter the rabbit in a show thereby indicating how it is shown. Specifically, the Netherland Dwarf rabbit is shown by variety and should be identified by variety only. The Jersey Wooly breed is shown by groups and should be identified by group only.

Showmanship-100 points
• Each contestant must furnish his/her own rabbit and bring the rabbit to the judge in a carrier. All rabbits must be tattooed.
• The rabbit should be in a solid bottom carrier.
• Contestants should refer to the 4-H Ambassador contest Showmanship Score Sheet as a resource. This form is available from your County Extension Office or on the Purdue University website.

This contest is optional for 4-H members. (No premium money paid for this contest.)

Rabbit breeds, with two classes, as per ARBA Standard of Perfection: (a) all-white, and b) colored.

1. A 4-H member may enter one all-white and/or colored class in these breeds, with no more than two animals per breed. (Examples; New Zealand, Satin, Rex, Mini-Rex, and Angora.) For those breeds which have no all-white classes, such as Dutch, a 4-H member may enter only one animal per breed.
2. Fur will be judged by ARBA rules, Fur Class being the best fur and wool condition of the breeds. Animals will be judged by breed fur only.
3. Demonstrate 4-H rabbit knowledge. A 3" x 5" reference card listing all reference material should be attached to the back of the poster. There will not be any Best Fur Overall.
4. The Fur Class Rabbit must be shown in its Regular Breed and/or Meat Class to be shown in fur.


The 4-H Rabbit Illustrated Talk Contest for 4-H'ers enrolled in the Rabbit Livestock Project is held in conjunction with the County Public Speaking and Demonstration Contest in June.
See county DEMONSTRATION CONTEST section for more information.

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