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December 20, 2018

Not A State Fair Project.

Green Record Book Completion Requirement
• Complete a Shelby County Record Sheet.

Exhibit Guidelines:
• Exhibits must not exceed 24" x 36". A project notebook must include: Collector's Log - numbered to correspond with numbered exhibit item(s), whether in a notebook, on a poster, in a box, or otherwise exhibited; Short Story or information about your collection; You may want to include some photographs of your collections.
• You may bring an example of your collections if you are exhibiting your collection through a poster for the fair.
• At least one new object needs to be added since the last fair.
• It is recommended that the 4-H member provide a self-contained display unit for protection of his/her collectibles.
• The 4-H Advisory Council, Cooperative Extension Service, and Fair Board are not responsible for the items in the collection display.
• See Poster Guidelines on Page 62 of the Shelby County Handbook.

Clover—Grades 3 & 4; Junior –Grades 5, 6, & 7;Senior-Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12

Exhibit the following:
• A sample of your collection and your project notebook. A sample is a limited number of objects representing your collection. Collections may be displayed on a poster board, in a box, or in any other attractive manner.

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