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Indiana has used local income taxes since 1974, but in 2017 we made big changes in how they work. There used to be three, or seven, or maybe 13 different kinds of local income taxes, depending on how you counted. We called them by their acronyms, CAGIT, COIT, CEDIT and LOIT. It got really complicated. Then last year we combined them all into one local income tax, which we're calling LIT. So, how's that working out for us?
Vinca Minor Plant
People often select plants first for their beauty and second for their functionality in the garden. Frequently, we don't know or don't consider a plant's behavior when we're selecting them.
Tomato plant in a high tunnel
Want to learn new techniques for growing fruits and vegetables in high tunnels? The Southwest Purdue Ag Center is the place to be.
Watermelon in field
Recent illness related to pre-cut watermelons has some worried about the safety of Indiana grown melons. Scott Monroe, Purdue Extension food safety educator has some reassuring news.
If you've ever had to work on a tree leaf collection, no doubt you included a leaf from Indiana's state tree. Also known as tulip poplar and yellow poplar, the tuliptree is actually not a poplar at all. It is a member of the magnolia family known botanically as Liriodendron tulipifera.
Every May and November some Indiana school districts ask their voters to approve property tax increases. There are construction project referenda to pay for school buildings and tax levy referenda for general operating costs. This May, schools proposed 12 referenda. All 12 passed.
The Congressional Budget Office came out with their ten-year economic and budget projections earlier this month. The CBO is nonpartisan, which means they don't have a political axe to grind. They're just trying to get the right answer.

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