Rush County Extension Homemakers Minutes

February 3, 2014

The February 3rd meeting of the Rush County Extension Homemakers was called to order by President Rachel Webster.

The Pledge to the American Flag was led by Marlene Fudge and Home Helpers led the Homemakers Creed. Roll Call, “What do you like to do on a cold winter’s day?” was answered by 13 members. It was evident that we would rather enjoy hobbies and crafts than household chores when we are snowed in.

Secretary Debbie Richardson read the minutes of the November meeting. They were approved as read. There was no correspondence.

Treasurer Dianna Allen gave her report. Our current balance is $5077.32.

Marlene Fudge reported that she has been reading for First Books, at Milroy and Head Start and will be reading at the Knightstown Head Start.

For membership, Marlene and Connie Meyer will prepare a meal for the Homemakers on the Go. This club had the most new members in 2012-13. The club asked that the meal be served at their April meeting when most of their members could be in attendance. Congratulations again to them. All the clubs need to work on securing new members. 

There was no report for Volunteer Community Support or Leadership.

Under old business, Mary Delay reminded everyone about the Sewing Seminar to be held on March 29th. Flyers were distributed. We were asked to get this information back to our clubs and to post the flyers at places of business, churches or anywhere else for advertisement. There will be nine sessions and each person may choose four.   We have 27 reservations so far. Registrations are due to the Extension Office by March 4th. Each vendor will provide a door prize. Mary reminded us that this information is also on the Purdue Extension – Rush County Facebook page. We were urged to share it on our own Facebook page.

While Mary had our attention, she updated us on the Spring District Meeting hosted by Rush County. It will be held at Center Christian Church on Tuesday March 18th. We hope to have at least 120 homemakers in attendance. Members were asked to donate breakfast items, and to have them at the church by 8:00 a.m. The church will serve a salad bar for lunch. The table decorations will also serve as door prizes. Flyers were also handed out about this meeting. Gracie is hoping that Rush County will have the most members in attendance. Breakfast/registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. Registrations, and $10.00 per person for lunch, are due to Dianna by March 4th. We were reminded to urge our club members to attend and to share the information on Facebook.

Our next special interest lesson will be presented on March 3rd by Steve Houston. The program will be on Basic Firearm Safety, and will be in the Courthouse Assembly Room at 6:00 p.m. The public is also invited to attend. Please post the flyers, inform your clubs, and share the Facebook information 

Under new business, we were reminded that the list of new club officers and all club paperwork is due in the Extension Office by March 3rd.

The decorated jars for Cancer Research can be brought to the District meeting. Whichever jar has the most money in it wins.

Donations for Riley Hospital are also being accepted. They include toiletry items, blankets, etc. The list is in our white books. Knitted shawls are also being accepted and will be given to organ donor families. Hopefully a handmade shawl will help comfort these families in their loss.

The Home and Family Conference will be June 10-12 at Purdue. (This is the last year it will be held in West Lafayette. Next year it will be at Indianapolis.) First timer applications are due February 3rd.   There is also a state scholarship called, “I’d like to go again.” This application is due by March 15th. An addition to the Cultural Arts projects is homemade purses. You may design your own. The maximum size it can be is 20x20 inches.   It may be smaller. These should be brought to the Council meeting on April 7th for selection.

The National Volunteer Outreach Network (NVON) is being hosted this year by Indiana and they will be sponsoring a meeting in July. Each county has been asked to provide an item to be placed in a gift basket. Rachel and Mary will take care of this for us.

The theme this year for the Bake-a-Rama is ‘fresh fruit.’ Details will be announced later.

Gracie announced that this is the 20th year for the Homemakers Retreat to be held at Lake Placid in Indiana. Kathy Wright is on the committee.

Also the Nancy Bell Scholarship is available for a Rush County or Knightstown graduate. Applications are due by April 1st.

The Women in Ag Conference is later this month. Registrations are due February 4th.

A question was asked as to whether our dues will increase. The state is raising their dues, which they haven’t done since 1994. We will probably increase our dues, but not by a large amount, for the 2015-16 year.

Dianna announced her e-mail address has changed again. It is

Gracie mentioned that she can be reached at her cell number, 561-4436, if you need her and she is not at the office.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Richardson, Secretary