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A pile of hardwood mulch
Although the benefits of mulching garden plants are many, wood mulch that has been improperly stockpiled can lead to plant injury or even death. Young herbaceous plants are the most susceptible to such injury, which becomes obvious shortly after applying a hardwood bark mulch.
Many indoor plants can be moved to shady locations outdoors but only after danger of frost is past. Plants will dry out more often outdoors, so keep a close eye on soil moisture. Sinking the pots in soil will help slow down moisture loss.
The Entomologist statue in front of the Agricultural Administration building at Purdue
Around the world, statues of people are commonplace. Such renderings often depict famous people. Politicians, including U.S. presidents, governors, and legislators are frequently immortalized in this way. So are kings, queens, military heroes, famous athletes and show biz personalities. Statues that depict entomologists are rare, but a few do exist.
photo of a very tall plant in homeowner's garden
Q. This plant came up in my back yard last summer. It grew to over 13 feet tall. I would like to know if you can identify it.
Joyful Noise Poems for Two Voices book cover
Most parents and grandparents have spent time reading children's books to the young sprouts in their lives. Reading books to kids has been a popular activity for many, many years. So much so that publishing books for children is a multimillion-dollar business.
Just like a doctor, homeowners and professionals can now identify, diagnose and find the prescribed solution for lawn problems, according to their preferred choice of cultural, biological, or chemical options. Purdue University researchers recently released the Turf Doctor app - the latest addition to the Purdue Plant Doctor App suite, which also includes Purdue Tree, Perennial Flower, Annual Flower and Tomato Doctors apps.
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Start seeds of warm-season plants, including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, marigolds, zinnias and petunias, indoors for transplanting later to the garden.

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