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Putnam County Purdue Extension 4-H Newsletter (THE HERALD)
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It is time to sign up for the 2017-18 Putnam County 4-H program! Overall, the process and fees are the same as last year. If you are new to 4-H or have questions, always feel free to call the office at 653-8411 to have your questions answered or needs addressed.
Grand Entry at the 2015 Putnam County Fair
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Love horses? In the horse and pony project, you can learn about horses and show your horse at the fair!
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By completing your "My Record of 4-H Achievement," you can be eligible for year end awards, the Spirit of 4-H award, scholarships and more!
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If 4-Hers take part in the wood science project, they learn to build and stain their own wooden articles.
Tractor Award Pics
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The agricultural and lawn tractor project lets participants learn to drive tractors as well as about tractor safety and mechanics.
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In the Soil and Water Conservation project, 4-Hers learn about soil, grasses, erosion march modeling and the conservation of these resources.

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