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2020 Putnam 4-H Program and Project Handbook

January 31, 2020

Also one may go to review project info by each project area on the Putnam 4-H Project listing. We are in the process of updating each project web page and in () the year update will be posted so one knows if information is up to date. Below is the best place to review current project information for now by downloading the document. If one has high speed internet the combined file would be the best option. For slower speeds or those just interested in the front or back portion, one may download a smaller file with half the handbook as well. This is the manual broken down into the animal (front) section, exhibit hall (back section) and is in its entire form as well.

Paper copies are available for purchase for $3 around February 7 at the office. Contact the office first so we can have copies ready for you. We can also provide for no charge electronically if you bring thumb drive into the office. All 4-H volunteers may have a complimentary copy. 


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